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With this Plugins I can transfer current data to Mobile app? Like Ionic for example? A mobile app doesnt serve PHP. The require_once(‘sximoapi.php’); doest work for mobile app. How can I conect to server rest api wit javascript and json?

Hi, I purchased the RESTfull API Client & Server, but it is not working with SXIMO VERSION 5.1.3. Has it been updated to support 5.1.3 please advise ASAP?

Will this work with SXIMO CRUD BUILDER 5?

Yes , this script contain 2 source ( sximo 3 and 5 )

Can I use this in my current application that is not using SIXMO?

yes , its available for both sximo 3 and 5

I get error when uploading the .zip within sixmo

what’s error appeared ?

can you send me an email to rely to. I will send you a overview of a couple of things

I have problem with PUT. I is not working on validation. In the validation function it used $_POST to validate the validation fails. How can I access the PUT data ?

hi regarding the document, I couldn’t see the filters.php file. and the app crashes now. Please help

Hi Mate ,

we have some issue on compatibility for sximo 5.1.5 we will release new version on tuesday July 5

Im getting an error installing this module into 5.1.3, its broken my install entirely, will have to manually remove all files. Any advice on how this can be fixed?

Ok so i am guessing that the update did not come out for this and im not able to activate my account on your website. You also arent offering me a reply through this. Kind of stuck as to what to do now. Really looking forward to implementing this!

Hi Mate ,

Please download beta version beffore official release at

I have bought laravel restfull api client-server plugin, but it is for laravel 4 code structure, i need to use it for sximo 5 crud builder. please help to get compatible version of restfull api plugin.

Hi Mate ,

Please download beta version beffore official release at

Can’t find beta version on above link.There is old version only. :(

method [trackUriSegmented] does not exist exception is getting and also no basecontroller. Not working for 5.1.5 csm crud. only 1 varian RESTAPI is present inside the source code. Help me its urgent

We installed the module, we are getting this error “FatalErrorException in RestapiController.php line 2: Class ‘BaseController’ not found”

Now the app is failing, only giving this error

Thanks for you help.

I am getting the following error: local.ERROR: exception ‘ErrorException’ with message ‘Undefined index: gender’ in /home/vcrm/app/Http/Controllers/Controller.php:468

where gender is a lookup dropdown. Any ideas?

Try to re-save SQL editor , then rebuild again your module

mas, versi ini support yang untuk versi 5.1.6?

Masih support mas

I am also getting “Method [trackUriSegmented] does not exist.” I see there has been two others with the same issue. Is there a resolve for this yet? Thanks.

Hi Mate , your posted has been replied on sximoforum , please check them out

mas ini support sximo 5.1 lts? dan sximo datatable codeigniter 3?

Sekarang plugin ini udah include di sximo 5 lts gan . jadi ngga perlu lagi . kalau CI 3 blom ada .

Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!