Discussion on Laravel REST API Generator From MySQL With JWT Auth + Postman

Discussion on Laravel REST API Generator From MySQL With JWT Auth + Postman

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Got a new license but getting “Conflict” when I try to Register the new license

Sorry for inconvenience, can you please send me purchase code and your system id , i will register from my side.

Also u can register from in validate licence menu.

Your email is not delivering

Finally worked from my end. Thanks

Can the tools generate api with left join tables and conditions

How u will define left join constraints on table?

Does a non php laravel developer can easily create the api, as i am android developer and want an api for my vpn app. so can i configure it myself is it easy to do this ?

Creation is easy .. but then u need to add ur business logic..

I would suggest look into normal php rest api generate which can be hosted easily and secure enough for mobile app

I wanted to integrate Shiprocket API for larval platform, is it possible to integrate through your Api generator, refer and im using Laravel 9.0 and PHP*

My tool will help u to setup the base and alot of endpoint based on ur table. But for shiprocket api integration u hv to do it manually. Certainly possible if u know laravel.

Check the video demo may be u will get some idea how this tool can help.


Tom_H_ Purchased

Any updates coming for this?

Ya planning to upgrade the version and add dynamic search by end of this month

Iscull Purchased

Hi, error on validade the if (!$token = auth()>attempt($validator>validated()))

Please check if you are using postman to test api(as in demo video) ping me on skype: gyanverma2 i will check

Iscull Purchased

This $30 is lifetime program usage? No expire time ?

I guess You will not wanted to use old version after few months. You can find more about licences here

Iscull Purchased

pre-order doubt.

1- What laravel version usage? 2- Views usage the Blade as Template? 3- API and Frontend same project? 4- Can usage the API access out of environment?

Thanks. Waiting reply for confirm payment.

1. Laravel 9, 2. No view its rest api 3. Just API 4. Yes u can create ur endpoints to customise as you want

I wish we can get API generator for Laravel and Admin Panel Generator for Laravel too. I will be the first to pay for these two or even pay for it separately.

I will look into it . You can add me on skype : gyanverma2 for discussion

Hi. I don’t seem to understand how to use this generator. I have an exiting Laravel website with backend, but I want to generate APIs for the website, so I can use it in my mobile app. What I’m interested on is the API collections. Will this Generator still work for me? Because I see that your generator creates new Laravel files. Are we still on the same page?

You create the code for ur database and host it as separate project. And use the api in ur mobile.. u might need to modify some endpoints to match ur business logics

You can add me on skype: gyanverma2 to discuss in detail

Hello my license says expired.. but I want to use it not get the support which got expired Thank you

I did not buy another license, I paid the renewal support to start using again ? Please advise

or just click on register button it should work again

Just for an update i am working on upgrading to latest laravel version and should release in 2-3 days new update.

Hello, Do you provide source code so I can change the database from MySQL to SQL Server

Source code can not be provided as its all my core business, but you get template files which can be used to modify how you want generation to be done. But i dont think that will help you to change mySQL to SQL Server.

If you want i can do a custom development for you for a nominal fee You can add me on skype: gyanverma2

Hello I bought your software and later discovered it works on windows system, how do I install it on MACBOOK I don’t have Windows System at the moment

You can use AWS EC2 free instance or anyone ur friend computer or a VM

I am available on skype: gyanverma2 if u need to help me out for this

Access to the path ‘C:\Users\Nelson\Desktop\LaravelRESTAPIGeneratorToolV1.4\LaravelRESTAPIGeneratorTool\teste\LaravelAPI\app\Models\model.txt’ is denied.

i have this problem HELP PLS

can you please try to move code to a smaller path.. like c:/project else add me on skype: gyanverma2 and lets debug together

Can I generate an apis for my website that can be use to connect my website to a mobile apps..

Yes thats the purpose of this tool to generate from any database

what version of laravel?

Laravel 8

Hey support, Can we generate an api for my social media website..

yes for any mysql database u can generate CRUD + Search + JWT Auth Api

Hi Do you provide admin panel in this script – where I can manage the CRUD data

But if i use this code, I should know reactjs to further develop the admin panel. Do you have same setup with php admin panel

then u can use laravel rest api and then separate php admin panel

add me on skype : gyanverma2 if u want to see and discuss more about it in detail

I just cannot run the program on two pcs

Licence Generated Successfully And Saved at nkvlicence.lic Proccess Started. Testing Database Connection. Analyzing Database… Creating Project Folder: MyProjectName//LaravelAPI Generating Code for Booking Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\laravel-rest-api\LaravelRESTAPIGeneratorTool\MyProjectName\LaravelAPI\app\Models\Booking.php’. Generating Code for Customer Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\laravel-rest-api\LaravelRESTAPIGeneratorTool\MyProjectName\LaravelAPI\app\Models\Customer.php’. Generating Code for Hotel Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\laravel-rest-api\LaravelRESTAPIGeneratorTool\MyProjectName\LaravelAPI\app\Models\Hotel.php’. Generating Code for Room Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\laravel-rest-api\LaravelRESTAPIGeneratorTool\MyProjectName\LaravelAPI\app\Models\Room.php’. Generating Code for User Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\laravel-rest-api\LaravelRESTAPIGeneratorTool\MyProjectName\LaravelAPI\app\Models\User.php’. ============================================================ Automator Completed: Please Support Us by your Review Thanks – Nishant Kumar Verma (skype: gyanverma2 / / ============================================================

The issue solved. Thanks for your time.

thank you! Excellent job

Your API can connect/integrate 2 different Laravel framework/database?

It can generate for both the database but u need to add ur own business logic to call another api in one..

But i would suggest keep two separate api (like micro service) and integrate it in frontend

Granth admin and same author Iqonic has Vuejs frontend, can I integrate those 2 with your API? Can you do that for me, with extended support, or custom task ?

Not possible for me immediately but I hv that in road map to do vuejs for all my api tools. May be it will take 2 month. I am running little late these days due to corona taking project will not be possible for me immediately.. alot of backlog item need to be finished


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