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Hello Alex,

Is confirmation necessary on behalf of the Admin or can the uploaded battles be automatically approved?

Also, can I use Disqus for the comment section?

Thank you.

Hello, yes but I can make it auto-approve for you. Contact after purchase.

Thank you for the response! I am definitely considering buying it.

And I’m sorry Alex I had edited my comment last minute, and added a second question.

Is there the option to use Disqus for the comment section?

There isn’t an option but indeed a quick adjustment I can do for you as well. Thanks!

This looks like a great script but could do with a “continuous” mode to make it even better.

Add the ability to upload a single file full of images (or add images to a “set”) and have the script randomly pick 2 images to battle. Once the user has voted, display a “next battle in x seconds” countdown timer (to allow the user time to use the share buttons) then display another 2 images from the folder. Show a leader’s table displaying how many votes each image has had.

I run a competition where visitors can vote for the favourite entry. We get around 100 entries but I don’t fancy creating all the possible combinations manually!

Hi there, the continous mode is already there and it shows a loading bar “redirecting to the next battle…”.

100 entries doesn’t seem more than 1-2 hours of work for a data entry guy if you don’t want to handle yourself. So you could pay someone to do it for you max 20 bucks.

Thanks Alex

Well, its 1 vs 99 (x 100) so roughly 5000 (or it is 9000?) different combinations. I don’t fancy doing that! Thanks for the response.

Ahh I see what you mean now! Thanks

Is there any shared hosting you would recommend that able to run your script?

yes hostgator

how can i test this script if it’s going to work on godaddy shared hosting?

i have clients using it on godaddy and i confirm it works

Hi Alex,

Ran into an issue after install this is all I am seeing…

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘class’ (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or ‘{’ or ’$’ in /home/.../public_html/index.php on line 50

How can I fix this?

Thank you.

your server doesn’t support namespaces ask your host or contact me with hosting login

Hi Alex,

I was finally able to get it squared away and all is running fine now, but I have a few questions I’m hoping you can answer…

1. Is it possible to have uploaded images show in the same size on the battle? Right now some of the uploaded images are larger than others and it makes the layout look a bit funny.

2. When you Facebook share a battle it reads the battle Title then – Photo Battle. Where can I remove the text Photo Battle or change it?

Thank you.


1. basically you’ll have to use the same sizes for the images otherwise one of them will look stretched.

2. thats from site title. resources/views/home.blade.php

Hello. To get same image sizes, you can change the code a little bit, add the images in to 2 div element as background image, and set background-size: cover; ... So we have 2 same size div as images, and the images will fill out they as possible. :) Between, it is a great script, I think I also will buy it soon.

when it will be done? Because this is a must have function before anyone want publish it. After publish, will be tons of spam, and deleted images and better if we not keep the crap on the server. (sorry for my bad english :D) So pls hurry up with this important update. With this it will be a finished script.

it’s ready and awaiting codecanyon review. you can either wait or contact me via my profile for and i will send you the file & instructions.

Thank you

I’ll buy this one…Any plans on Battale category and time limit for voting in next update?

Actually a lot of them including ( which I personally tested ). Contact me via my profile page form with a hosting you prefer and I will check that for you.

Actually I’m thinking on Godaddy..Is it O.K?

And another hope in next update, when a visitor clicks a photo, that leads to a more descriptions or detailed page for the explaining of each photo in battle. Is it complicated with code?

Yes sure godaddy is fine. I don’t think it’s possible because we have the voting buttons on images so it will interfere with each other

voting is not working in demo. I voted a picture and its total votes remains same. And its also give me notification that I have already voted.

This really looks interesting. Are you going to add an option for a time limit on the battles? If so when? I am ready to buy as soon as this feature is on.

Hi there & thanks. I could add that feature in August. Thanks.

Awesome, Il be waiting :-)

Hey, will you install the script for me if i buy it.

Yeah but two pictures appear in the same time. Will this functionality stay?

Hi, Can i just add one picture and have it as hot or not?

Also if i buy the script can i use it for 2 websites?

Hi, sorry you cannot this is not hot or not. this is versus app.


please check this

thank you

read documentation.html on how to setup admin login, in the email i sent you i gave you the link. if you dont know how send me an email with desired user and pass and i will set it up for you


please give me admin login details

user = root

pass =root

did not working my dear alex so please give me the admin login

hey you not change setup now

Hi this question might be a bit of a stretch but can I use video like YouTube in place of the images?

I’m getting this error on all pages ( Whoops, looks like something went wrong.) Can I get some help or just give me a refund…

I fixed it… Sorry for the frustration..

Hi there, allright sorry for the delay was in holiday.

I would change the home page

because I do not want that falls directly on a battle in the home page and put a presentation of the site instead.

sorry my english..

I see what you mean. I would leave it with battles in front, if you want I can help you achieve what you want for yourself only. Contact me via my profile page.

Pre sale question: is it possible to sort images/battles into different categories? For example, show only car battles, motorcycle battles…

Hi there, yes of course!

would it be possible to customise the app so a user with a smartphone can take 2 pictures andgenerate + share his/hers own photo battle on facebook and invite thier friends to vote with a predefined message and hashtag? please PM me the cost for this customisation if possible.

Thank you

Hi there, sorry I don’t have mobile programming experience.

Hello, is it possible to use videos instead of pictures in the battle?

Hello, No sorry this is for images.

Thank you. Do you know of a similar script for videos? Or can the pictures in your script be linked (say, to a video on another site)?

Nope, if you want , we can discuss pricing for a customization ( contact me via my profile page with how you would like to work etc. and I will provide a quote for you)


wowinfo Purchased

Can you tell me where I can change the color of navbar. Current color code is #279ddd. I found it in css/style.css and changed the color code, yet navbar color is still showing #279ddd??? Thanks in advance.

Hello, try reload the stylesheet a few times. by visiting yoursite.tld/css/style.css in your browser


wowinfo Purchased

Thank for your fast reply and support. It is appreciated. One more help I would like to ask. I purchased 2 scripts from you. 1. PHP Website and Domains Marketplace, 2. Photo battle. Both scripts have a contact page without security (captcha) in place. Can you add captcha for contact pages?

In addition, can you add pop3 email option in the scripts too? My host (bluehost) php sendmail will use a server email ( instead of my email I entered in admin area.

These 2 features would really help a lot. I hope you can consider adding them to future features list. Thank You!

All right noted that down in my todos list for future updates.

Hello,GLWS! It seems nice script. Are you planning any update soon? Thanks for reply.

Hello, I have nothing planned as I didn’t received any requests but will definitely consider as they come in.

hello isent you a request support via email contact form. pls have a look. tnx

hi, sorted, you’ve got an email thanks


cl79 Purchased

this exactly what i been looking for but how do i get rid of teh by localhost on bottom?

hi there!

just edit resources/views/welcome.blade.php

Line which says: © {{ date(“Y”) }} {{ parse_url(Config::get(‘app.url’), PHP_URL_HOST) }}

Thanks Alex


cl79 Purchased

thank you thank you !! i love your script man its perfect its clean its attractive its simple with just the right functions ! great work!!

thanks a bunch for your words! I totally agree with you. Alex