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GLWS! Am trying to Understand the Script but so far I have not been able to understand scenarios where this Script could help me. The Demo too seems not to be working, Can you help me to Understand the Script better?

step 1: copy page url that you want to crawl step 2: copy html attribute and paste into setting box until value you want to clone. Remember choose field to fill data step 3: crawler

very good work ! all the best for your sales


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ErrorException in CrawlToolController.php line 46: Undefined property: stdClass::$Tables_in_buy_theme

fixed with Tables_in_crawler

oke Thanks for fixing it


I need to have the output html as well. At this moment i can gentrate html as below format -

As you notice , it can not close a tag. Please give me the logic so it will close the all tag including parent tag.

If u can do this for me , it will very appreciable from me. – J Hasan

Hello there i like your crawler i think its maybe something i am looking for. But it would be really helpful if you can answer the following questions.

1. Lets say there are 2 sites. Site A is not mine but site B is.

2. Can this crawler harvest the images + description data from “Site A” lets say they have buy and sell ads. Can that data be harvested from Site A and bring this back to Site B and insert it.

3. Can it take urls of the Site A ads that it harvested so it can check those ads later and if any of the ad is removed on Site A it also removes the ad from Site B which is mine to keep the data fresh?

I also have a developer (who is currently working on other bits of my work) can he further built this bot by adding removing features from it to suit our needs ?


Hi , do u provide support on this product?

Hi, is your crawler working with the follow up and informations on different pages ? Scraping an architecture and not only informations on one page. Thanks !

what about pagination ? i mean crawl the items on the next page instead of doing it mannualy

each page is a url, you can crawl data for them

I cannot access the demo page. Is this script works?


I need to track changes to a particular section of my product listing on amazon website. Can your crawler fetch information from a specific part of webpage at regular intervals?


Can I unlock the security code and sign in?

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live preview is not working