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Looks awesome. I want to step out of Wordpress so I love this. Well I need a more complete business system. So the dashboard looks quite complete. Is it usable to connect different businesses like the Wordpress multi-site? And I need a webshop connected with it to sell stuff, how to do that? And would like the possibility to work with affiliates. Do you have plans to extend that? Just excited :-)

Hi Angelluc, we are very glad that you like our product. Infinity is a Laravel starter Project. It means that you need at least some basic understanding of programming in PHP and Laravel Framework. We intend to expand the product with new packages like a CRUD creator and many more in the near future.

I am just starting learning Laravel and have some very basic PHP knowledge so maybe after diving some deeper in it I will understand more of the usability of it. I see more interesting creatings based on Laravel (also here on Envato) but no clue on how can that be combined like webshop http://antvel.com?

You can learn a lot about Laravel on youtube tutorials like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktf0HQvEKk0&list=PLzeTBm5Nhz71Z5GtN9H66iPWLbFmD0mBI

Awesome product!


gluegl Purchased

Excellent! Does it support OAUTH2 and 2FA two factor authentication?

Thanks a lot. It suports oauth2. 2fa is not implemented at this moment.

OpenId and Fido u2f will be included in version 1.2. :-)

Hello! Nice work on this solution. Congrats!

Could you please confirm that authentication via Facebook and Linkedin are working on that?


Yep… both are working. Just follow the documentation and you can connect to any of the following: Google, Twitter, Github, Linkedin, Bitbucket and Facebook. If you get any problems we can help you configure after you buy.

Hello, Does it work with oracle DB ?

Hi, officially Laravel supports MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and SQL Server. https://laravel.com/docs/master/database But you can use a third party driver like this one: https://github.com/yajra/laravel-oci8. I hope it helps.

Your demo isn’t working… Any plans on a CRUD system?

Its working here… did you access: http://infinity.checkmatedigital.com/ ? Crud System is in the final stage. We think it will be ready in two days tops.

Does the authentication system have an API? I wanted something which was well documented and could use with mobile apps.

Authentication does not have an API. It can work returning Json instead of views. Maybe it suits your needs.

Live demo not working. I would like to have a look and buy int, but checkmatedigital.com with all subdomains doesn’t work

sorry, server was offline for a moment, try now.

Hello I purchased your item, but documentation is complex somehow especially installation procedures, how do I get to install it.

Hi! Thanks for your purchase! Easiest whey is to extract SampleProject.zip to your internet root folder. If you can wait we will upload an update on Tuesday next week, in this version installation will be simpler. Infinity is built on top of Laravel framework, so it is desirable that you are familiar with the framework.

Online documentation is here: http://infinity.checkmatedigital.com/documentation#installation

You can find more about Laravel framework installation here: https://laravel.com/docs/master

Feel free to contact us next week if you continue having difficulties.

One more thing… if you are using a LAMP server (https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAMP) like Xamp (https://www.apachefriends.org) you have to access your site using public folder in your url like: http://localhost/your-folder-name/public/

can crud generate based db with relationsip?

for now you cant, but it will have this functionality next release. Later this month

Your demo isn’t working (again)

hi… can you provide us your ip? i think our firewall is blocking some regions ip’s. For now i’ll just flush dns blocks, see if you can access it ok?

No need. Demo has been working since I posted the original comment. Thanks!

Can’t Access DEMO T_T I’m very interesting

hi… can you provide us your ip? i think our firewall is blocking some regions ip’s. For now i’ll just flush dns blocks, see if you can access it ok?

Your .com site and your demo site is down as of 0645PST. Hope it comes back up soon.

Hello! Is compatible with Laravel 5.3?

We’re doing the next release to accomplish that.

Sorry for the stupid question but i’m new in this kind of software. If i undertand if i have a website with some features and database tables (users, events, messages) i can use your tool to build an admin interface to update it ? Thanks

Demo isn’t working for me.

Hello, when do you think it will be updated to laravel 5.3, i’m very interested in this

Sounds great, but getting an error by composer update: Script php artisan optimize handling the post-update-cmd event returned with error code 1 ,, I’m waiting for approval an copy my files I’ve done to the new version

madman, if you need support just send us a private message with your e-mail and questions. Maybe we can help you.

one more important thing! When we were testing, we had to change two functions in order to make things work:

In App\Providers\RouteServiceProvider change the following:


public function boot(Router $router) { parent::boot($router); }


public function boot() { parent::boot(); }

And change App\Providers\EventServiceProvider:


public function boot(DispatcherContract $events) { parent::boot($events); }


public function boot() { parent::boot(); }

Hello, is it available in Spanish? German Pace