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scriptunited supports this item


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updated to latest version of laravel 5 add sql quickstart for demo only

Hi brother. I am getting many Mixed Content issues where CSS and Images are being served using HTTP inside pages which are served using HTTPS .. could you fix this issue? Thank you.

Que paso con el Sitio no funciona….

pardon me, it’s under maintenance…

please can provide a code to convert to rtl ? i can’t find it and i want stay to rtl not ltr but i can find your code is big

where are you bro ?!! i m wait

just add dir=”rtl” in the body tag

hello, it is support user level to registerd and get his clean panel data? and admin side that can see all users ? please lett me know, thanks

is this going to be upgraded to 5.3

i’m working on laravel 5.4, and will add very good functionality

Demo does not work – page not found

its under construction. demo will up soon

demo is up

can you manage inline images and google maps..??

Why is the demo going? Can not I log on how? what happens? I put and password demo123 but do not go. I want to buy but if I can not go I can not!

the demo account is working now

Is this working with Laravel 5.5 ? Does this include detailed installation instructions to install with Laravel 5.5 ?

yes as long as we know how to route, from laravel 5.4 to laravel 5.5 is compatible

and dont forget to set path (win-x) to your php7 app folder, unless you can not upgrade to laravel 5.5

hey, login with, is not happening, nor with

username = password = demo123 error : this credentials dont match our records.

please provide me with a full authentication, frontend and all other features DEMO.

thank for your information, we are on fixing