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Hey, I have one master form which has a Select from Database field. This form has a sub form. In the sub form also there is a Select from Database field. After setting this up and trying to open the master form create page it breaks with the message ‘Page is unable to handle request’ Http 500 error.

When I remove the Select from Database field from the sub form and set it up as a plain text, the master form create page opens properly. Can you pls help with this bug, hope you understood.

Hi, i have an issue when try to rebuild codes after save a subForm, it keep loading and never end to Rebuild All Codes. But if remove the SubForm the rebuild is fast and properly. I have sximo v5.1.8.

Hi mate ,

We’ve replied your post on forum , please reply it back


fteg Purchased

i just bought last 2 days. why the version is 5.1.6 not 5.1.8?

Hi Mango.

I would like to refresh my Sximo through git. Please give us a private repository because the method copy and paste is completely unsafe.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi Mate ,

the repo is overload users . we need to changes plan for repo , we will try to find other solution . hopely you’re being patient at this moment

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi mago.

Can I send you my own structural improvements in your product? So you can evaluate if you can put in the standard product.

I would like to send my codes!

Hi Mate , please send any suggestion here .

In the sximo 5.1.8 Ajax :


I readed “Lock master key values” what’s this? Two users can’t change the same register?

HI Mate , please post this on forum discussion


fteg Purchased

May i know how to get your demo module? i had purchased and setup it did not show any module demo(Native Generate Crud, Ajax Generate Crud, etc)

Hi Mate , please download here


fteg Purchased

sorry, may i know which one. there is a list

We have problem with Form Type Select Option Data Type Database not active! can you help me?


mcaton Purchased

I am trying to download version 5.1.8, but when I go to I get an error message (“You don’t have licence for this project”). I purchased through Codecanyon a while ago. How can I get the latest version?

Hi Mate , please login to and go to . please follow intructions on left column


mcaton Purchased

Thanks, that worked! Do you have instructions somewhere on how to upgrade an installation from 5.1.3 to 5.1.8?

Hi Mate ,

its verry pain full to upgrade from 5.1.3 to 5.1.8 . 5.1.3 based from laravel 5.1 and 5.1.4 and also they have different template/layout . so its better to instal new 5.1.8

Pagi Mang Opik. Sximo 5.1.8 suport Ajax CRUD Plugins? Butuh plugin buat print dan export import?

Support Gan . donwload versi baru nya di sini

Hello , i have a question before i buy it , can this script helps me to create somethig like that : ?

Hi mate , yes you can make it , but you need to customize generated form layout as image you sent . and one more thing, we dont have preview before post/submit on system


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I just bought Sximo 5 LTS. After I installed and clicked “public/index.php/about-us” page on the CMS, I see an error below. I don’t see FaqsController.php file in that path. Why does the code doesn’t have that file, when use the demo app? How to fix this?

FatalErrorException in PostHelpers.php line 76: Method Illuminate\View\View::__toString() must not throw an exception, caught ErrorException: Class ‘App\Http\Controllers\FaqsController’ not found (View: /home/hanoomac/public_html/

Hi Mate , please post here according your issue


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Hi manglopik, the new version (11.04.2017) looks nice. Keep going!

Thanks Mate , we still develop and mainteance them all

bro, demo nya kok gak bisa ya?

halo mas, saya lihat semua product nya di codecanyon, saya butuh tools yg bisa generate code dari database, itu yg cocok yg mana ya? ada beberapa product yg demonya gak jalan. jadi saya pengen buat aplikasi pos dari database yg udah ada, tp nantinya juga ada untuk versi mobilenya, jadi saya juga butuh rest api nya, saya lihat ada product mas yg untuk buat rest api, tp saya masih bingung pake yg mana, soalnya ada versi “Laravel CMS – CRUD Builder – Administrator” & “Laravel CRUD – CMS – Sximo 5 LTS”, dan ada beberapa product yg saya gak ngerti, mungkin bisa kasih masukan mana yg cocok, oh iya, ini support untuk relasi table gak? thanks

Pake item ini sximo 5 lts mas yang udah paling matang dan banyak feature nya

Hello there, Looking at your demo, and reading comments, i saw that this crud does not support insert action for more than 1 table. I was looking fwd for a easy-to-use CRUD that can allow me to insert data on more than 1 table at once since I’m building a database that has one table for clients and one for services that have ordered or will order (master form / sub-form). So, when a new client will come and purchase a service, i will add on master form details of the client and, on sub-form, the service/services the client purchased. The related field is clientID. I didn’t try it on your CRUD since the demo wont let me build the database as i need it, but, reading around here on comments, it seems not possible. Will you sort it out somehow on your next release? Or it’s impossible? Or you have any suggestion on how to sort it out alternatively? If you will sort it out, i need to test it and then i will buy you code.

P.S. Another suggestion i have is regarding the verification process on form input. Ex: If i will add a user full name, but that full name already exists on the database, the CRUD should not allow me to proceed but will notify me regarding that :grin:

Thank you!

Hi Mate , Yes its only applied to 1 – 2 table from default generated module .but you can modify the generated file , and write the custom code for handly insert to other table .

the second question . you can choose any validation available here

Hello we have an SSL installed and cannot seem to get it working, when we try and force HTTPS through .htaccess we get “ redirected you too many times.”