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how to require this formate required|max:25


I want to extend one of the API’s to also handle Filters. I have a list which includes a field employeeNo.

What I need is, that the API just returns entries where a specific employeeNo is set.

Is this possible out of the box to handover field filter or do I need to add a new parameter?

If I need to add a new parameter, what is the best practise?

Rest API pas post gak bisa gan utk versi terbaru

i’ve bought this script 2 days ago and it doesn’t function,at first launch i get error after install since the beginning “”. i let two tickets in the support on the author site and no news. This is not pro and i can’t trust to develop with this. So i ask for refund because i can’t use the script. No answer, no support. I’ll do my job in another way. Waiting for refund now. plr


When I try to download and install “Invoice Generator 5” on, it is ask me an account. When I put my account information, I get the error message “you do not have license to use this module”, even when I try to update I get the same error. Please advice on how to do.

Thank you

Is this team still alive !!! It seems this team is not available at all since they do not reply to any questions even on their own website


elemelek Purchased

Is purchased file the same as you described? I dont have menu items (left side in admin) as Full crud, multible master tab. subform etc. I see nothing. In general settings I dont have “clear cache”. Where is repository option? In whole fronted pages a get error like: “at HandleExceptions->handleError(8192, ‘Function create_function() is deprecated’ “

In live server I cant login, still loading gif and nothing.

Is any way to refund?


jenellej Purchased

So what has happened with this item? I’ve checked the last few pages and it appear Mangopik has disappeared (again).. I really dont get the versioning system of this project anymore.. So many versions and still so many bugs..

@Mangopik, can you please provide everyone here who purchased your products a solid date of when you can deliver an actual usable product? Do you even QA your work internally?

1,566 Sales x $16 = $25,xxx worth of sales and dont tell me thats not enough to deliver something to your customers which they can actually use.

Sorry for ranting but I believe EVERYONE has extended their patience Mangopik. This is a nice concept/product but as your customers we need something we can actually use. It’s like selling us a car but it has SQUARE wheels on it..


xienine Purchased

I can’t export report .following is the error message: Sorry, You are not allowed to access this page!

is it possible to export to batch?