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Lexusidea Purchased

Hi Mango!

I’m using sximo 5.1.8 and all Ajax Grid Table Type show me this error:

“ErrorException in FormilController.php line 58: Undefined index: setting”

The line:

$sort = (!is_null($request->input(‘sort’)) ? $request->input(‘sort’) : $this->info‘setting’);

The property : $this->info[‘setting’]

Can you help me? I need to use this feature, I’m updating my system.

Thanks in advanced. Have a nice day Bro!!!


Lexusidea Purchased

Hi Mangopik!

Just a simple suggestion I’m using since 5.1.5:

Font: Model/sximo.php Method: InsertRow

$table = with(new static)->table;
  $key = with(new static)->primaryKey;
$class = get_called_class();
$update = $class::find($id);
if($update == null){
    $new = new $class;
    // $new->validator = $model->validator;
    // $new->rules = $model->rules;
    $id = $new->id;
    // $update->validator = $model->validador;
    // $update->rules = $model->rules;

Using Model Eloguent is possible manipulate Events:

creating, created, updating, updated, saving, saved, deleting, deleted, restoring and restored according

For me is very important beacause I can introduce my own business rule.

Can you add this feature?


Lexusidea Purchased

HI, mango

When I’m trying to delete a record in the module rac the system show me this error:

NotFoundHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 161: in RouteCollection.php line 161 at RouteCollection->match(object(Request)) in Router.php line 766 at Router->findRoute(object(Request)) in Router.php line 621 at Router->dispatchToRoute(object(Request)) in Router.php line 607

The page is:

Please, can you help me?

Thanks in advanced

Hi Mate , On the routes/sximo.php

please add new route line on RAC groups

MirzaP Purchased


How to make News (articles) page visible to non logged users, to make it public?

Just check : Show for Guest ? unlogged checkbox


MirzaP Purchased

In Page CMS there is no option for posts core module, I have to be logged in. I want articles to be accessable without login.

Hi Mate , go to postController.php and remove all line code start with
if($this->access['is_view']) ....

Lexusidea Purchased

Hi Mango.

Please, look this:


We have the column “required” with 6 options. Please add a new column “manual required” and the user will put his own rule.

Why this feature?

The laravel allows us to put more than 36 validation rules,so, I guess that column ‘manual required’ is good idea.

If you want I can send my own customization to you, just give a rep git.

And,is possible? Say Yes kkkkkkk xD

Thanks in advanced.

Hi Mate , I got it , will try to implement on Sximo latest


Lexusidea Purchased

Hi Mango.

I have other suggestion xD about Eloquent relationships in the model:

Look this:

1.Create a field “Write Relation Model” in the sximo/module/sql.

2. In the field “Write Relation Model” we will can create our relationsship between models.

For example:

3. In the field ‘Write Relation Model’ we will write something like this:

public function phone()
     return $this->hasOne('App\Phone');
public function user()
     return $this->belongsTo('App\User');

4. This new property we must record in the model.tpl, therefore, we can control the relationships using the “Code Builder”.

Probably my explanation was not clear, but I’m trying to make this:

If you want I can send my own customization to you, just give a rep git.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi Mate , thanks for your suggstion , we will learning this part and possibility implement to code builder .

Thanks Mate


cobramike Purchased

Bugs in your latest version. And this is only 4 of them because there many more. But for now these a crucial.

When you have a option for Download Exel i get this error ErrorException in Controller.php line 684: Undefined index: is_excel

When you go to database editor. and then delite a tabel you get this error NotFoundHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 161: And also the mysql editor is not working.

And when you save a Form in the Form generator you get a controler error again.

When deliting a menu item that For exemple In menu 1 there are 2 sub menu`s. When you delite that menu 1 those 2 sub menus are gone. But in the database there stil there.

Please tel us when is there comming a patch. Becuase @ the moment i cannot work with version 5.1.8


cobramike Purchased

Your welcome. One tip then. Cal on your site the 5.1.8 Beta and not only 5.1.7. Thanks and ill wait for the update.


cobramike Purchased

Do you mean i can now download 5.1.8 from your website. So the fixses are in there!..


I have a question about Sximo, the laravel version will not have any kind of codgneifter code inside it? That is, was it developed using pure Laravel without shortcuts?

Yes , we use native laravel code

Is the version with Laravel 5.3 available and stable?

Yes , its available on , we still running test , but you can dowload to test it .

Hello, How can I pass data from the backend to a frontend page? It seems like a difficult process… and the frontend page is stored on the database. Please help. Thank you

Please download Sximo 5.1.8 . we have form builder feature , for your frontend need


umsuka Purchased

!!!! Login bypass vulnerability in 5.1.6

Hi Admin

I came across a vulnerability in Sximo 5.1.6 while testing my app on localhost, this version was downloaded via codecanyon and the file description when downloaded is ( codecanyon-11893533-laravel-crud-cms-sximo-5-lts).

This was tested on a live production server as well.

I followed these steps.

1. Configured Login & Security Settings (Registration : Email with activation link) 2. Registered a normal user. 3. Tried to login before activating account via email link. 4. I get an error (Your Account is not active ), ok good system works fine. 5. Clicked on the ” Forgot Password Tab” 6. Clicked on the “Sign Up Tab” , didn’t enter any information. 7. Click on the “Sign In” link at the bottom below Sign up button.

Boom, I’m logged in as the user that is not active.

If I check the settings via another browser it still says the user is not active.

Let me know if there is a fix for this.

Regards Bongani

Hi Mate ,

It was fixed on sximo 5.1.8 please download at

Hi Mango, I am using radio button onclick javascript function. It work well on file php when i run itself but when I put the radio onclick function on my sximo app, it doesn’t work. am I forget something or any other config?

Hi Mate ,

is there any notification error appeared ? if you use firefox its usually give u message .

please write here the notif


nokedli99 Purchased

Hi! Version 5.18 I’d like to create or edit new table in database. I get this error (firebug): NotFoundHttpException /vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Routing/RouteCollection.php line 161

HI Mate ,

Please download update sximo 5.1.8 today . we was updated yesterday .

Thanks a lot! Is there any chache upgrade without setting or data loss?

Ok. Upgrade solved! Other questions: I’d like to use in detailview the Lookup Display feature (link field to other table’s field), such as in table view. What can I do?