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Hi – I’d like to be able to have a page display a list of records with only 3 columns : “Name, Email, City” – but in the Edit view, all columns for the record would display : “Name, Email, City, Zip Code, Country, etc etc etc etc “

Is this possible ? And how would I do that ?

yes its possible . for limit/filter spesific list at grid go to table editor . and for edit form ,go to form editor

Live preview not working

We working on new demo

Hello, i need to add sort in this form view: http://joxi.ru/DmBlQ4bINyRnXA. Now selects sort via ID field, but i need add new field “order” and sort by it. But in database need to write the ids. Please, help me?

Also i need to add translation into database: http://joxi.ru/eAOLXMPf4oM5Rr. This values are from database. I cant to use usual translation mechanism.

Ok, i resolve this. Please, help me with previous question..

in version 5.1.4, build module tool had many error and multi master detail form not work

How can I add validations for fields while creating new module? is it possible?

cancel this “NewVersion Based on Laravel 5.1 is available Now” So i bought this,but not this item,cancel this

plz cance

dear mang opik, filemanager eror waktu menampilkan gambar..kenapa ya? path urlnya cuma (http://./uploads/users/4.jpg)

Iya kita juga mengalami hal yang sama , nampaknya ada bentrok JS . kita baru update JQuery ny ke versi 2.2.3 . kita akan coba perbaiki lagi gan


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You can help me about this error, i am just setup it, i want to access to backend https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxpE0iGhLf51UTJOcm4xYnpLbkE thank you very much


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Thanks, i resolved it

Awesome !

Hello, i would like to test your CMS before buy it but the demo is down. When do you think fix it ? Thanks in advance

We move it to Sximo5 . this version is no longer maintenanceable . http://sximo5.sximobuilder.com/user/login

All my select box are allways required! I can’t submit any form without select something in the select box. The filds are not required indatabase. The field is not required in the app form administrator. Could you help me Mango?

did you try to rebuild form file ? this will sove your issue

Yes, I did! But, for some reason, all the select box are required.

Hi, how can I see this content, is no longer available http://www.sximobuilder.com/blog/read/v29-issue-token-missmatch-exception


the preview of the theme is not available, is there any problem.

Bests Hadi


How can I add new field to tb_users table and use it with core users module?

I added a new field to the table then to the user core module, but when I publish, the modifications are not taken in account.

In the source directories, the generated code is in ‘core’ directories ans therefore not replaced by th new modified module.

Best regards Bernard

Do i have to manually change the user core generated code (model, views, ...)?

Conclusion of existing discussions is to add fields to tb_user ans create a new user module with my new fields

Greetings, is this project dead or is it still available? The demo does not work.

Hi ,

This item is no longer continued . we have you version for this item

Check it here please https://codecanyon.net/item/laravel-crud-cms-sximo-5-lts/11893533

The solution for General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: ’’ for column ‘id’

In BaseModel.php on function insertRow($data, $id)


if($id == null)

paste this:

$data = array_replace($data, [‘id’ => null]);


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hai mangopik. mau nanya kalo lost password.. linknya error, gimana benerinnya? tenkyu

Link yang error atau page yang error gan ?