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inline editing also is not working. Please see: I would like to see a working demo before purchase. Also it might be a good idea to allow the changes to be made in the demo and refresh the database every hour.

you can view new demo ajax for 5.1.8 here

couldn’t see inline editing feature. please see and try to click on any item on the datatable you will see that it allows to inline editing. But I cannot see this feature in the demo Is the Ajax CRUD Plugin installed in the demo page It would be nice if we didn’t have to buy this ajax feature separately.

what is the difference between this and the free one on

I see. it is clear now. I asked this question many times – what is the difference between the paid ajax plugin and free ajax plugin. now I have my answer :) By the way I sent a lot of questions to sximo5 forum. Today is Saturday. You stated that you will give support on Saturday and Monday. I would expect all my questions to be answered. Could you please attend to my problems? The forum looks nice. I searched for the problems before I post my questions but I couldn’t find a relevant topic which would give me a solution. But it is good place for the new buyers as they will already have the solution in these topics.

Im on portal now , please post question and i will find solution

how can i update the version 5.1.8, i have licence v. 5.1.6 Sximo 5. y ajas crud plugins laravel

Its free Mate , you can download at , its still beta version .


Thanks Mate !

Duplicate/Clone Module doesn’t work in 5.1.8 with AJAX?

Hi Mate , what’s error appeared ? can you post at sximobuilder portal ?