Discussion on Radmin - Laravel Dashboard with Inventory, Accounting and POS UI

Discussion on Radmin - Laravel Dashboard with Inventory, Accounting and POS UI

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I can´’ install on docker appear the error ubuntu@instance-20221223-1735  ~/aviseme-dashboard  docker compose exec php php artisan migrate:refresh—seed

In StreamHandler.php line 216:

There is no existing directory at "/home/ubuntu/aviseme-dashboard/storage/logs" and it could not be created: Permission denied

Hi andermarce,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

It seems straoge directory has permission issue.

Please add permission to storage directory `sudo chmod -Rf 0777 storage`

I had already done this, the problem was not resolved, the error still persists

I went to install without the docker option and the following errors appeared in the image:

Hi, can I integrate this software into my online marketplace built in Laravel PHP to manage multiple warehouses, inventories, invoices, quotations, and HR … ? If yes, how shall I proceed? Thanks

Documentation and endpoints readily available at not working

Hello mbsnpx, The current token may be expired. Please generate a new token with `OAuth Token` API.

Do you have documentation to install in a cpanel environment? Thanks!

Dear jphilips1,

Thank you for purchasing our product. Currently we do not have any documentation for cpanel installation. We will add the documentation as early as possible.


yvora Purchased

Summernote Editor is not getting expand. Same in the demo as well. Can you fix it please.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We will look forward the issue ASAP. In the meantime, you may check setting the `airMode` option to `true`.

    airMode: true,
    // other options

yvora Purchased

Sill not working. Can you make it functional in your demo.


parbat Purchased

where is feature list or release notes ?

Hi, thank you for your query. The feature release notes will be found here

Hi, Can I use this website as data management tool? I actually want multiple tables For example: Country, City, Area, Users, Products etc, and enable users to filter products country wise or area wise.

If yes then what are other database feature you have.


Hi minhajitpro,

Yes, Radmin Laravel Starter can definitely be used as a data management tool. It provides multiple tables for organizing different types of data such as countries, cities, areas, users, products, etc. With its advanced filtering system, you’ll be able to easily search and filter products based on their country or area.

Additionally, the starter comes equipped with a range of powerful data table features, server-side datatables, data editing, and export options. So, you’ll be able to manage even the most complex data sets with ease.

Note that, this is frontend implementation for showing data.

Overall, Radmin Laravel Starter is a complete solution for revolutionizing your data management management, so don’t hesitate to get it now!

Hello, this is my first Laravel project. I have downloaded end extracted the project in local root folder. I have imported database.sql. I have run the command in your guide: npm install npm run dev npm run prod but when I try to visit http://localhos, I get the Laravel folder list. It seems not installed. Do I forget anything?

Here the screenshot:

Thank you so much

Hi, Thank you for purchasing our product.

It seems you didn’t redirect to `public` directory. To resolve this please add a `.htaccess` file in your root directory

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ public/$1 [L]

This will redirect to public folder.

Thank you. It works (of course)

Glad to hear that.

is there any way to session login option… similar to magic link or something… can you please guide on that

Dear mindbugg,

Thank you for purchasing our product and for your inquiry.

Yes, it is possible to have a session login option similar to a magic link. This can be achieved by implementing a token-based authentication system, where a unique token is generated and sent to the user’s email upon login. The user can then use this token to access the application without having to enter their username and password again.

If you would like to proceed with this, I would recommend scheduling a consultation with our team to discuss the specifics and guide you through the implementation process. You can find us here

Please let us know if you have any further questions or if you would like to proceed with a consultation.

Demo Link is not working !!!!

Thank you. We have updated demo link

Any similar Package but for Mobile First (PWA) or similar?

Unfortunately, I do not have any specific packages that are mobile first (PWA) similar to the Laravel admin template Radmin on CodeCanyon. It’s possible to create a mobile-first version of the Radmin template by customizing it to meet your specific requirements.

hi, is there any module generator which will create controller, model, db and set permissions to it ???

i am looking for this type of module generator… if available ping me…. i am intrested

Demo Link is not working

Thank you. We have updated demo link

Hi Still the documentation is unavailable and there is no answer from you. Could you please speed up the process of answering the support tickets?

Hi The Documentation does not work. Could you please advice?

Thank you

We are really sorry for the delay. Please find the doc here,

HI The documentation suddenly stopped working, please have a look

La documentación the file documentation is not enabled, you can help me by activating

We are really sorry for the delay. Please find the doc here,

Im a freelance Developer ( )

My client purchased it and i worked on the code.

Really amazing work author ! Superb.

Thanks for the nice word. Please give a rating.

presale question: Thank you for the awesome panel

please is there any plan to upgrade to Laravel 9 in near there any deadline?

Hello basil_ahmed, Before going to the next release, we are preparing a upgrade guideline for you. I hope it will help you

Thank you very much @Arthemic … it worked like a charm with me…will let you know if I face any issue in future inshaaAllah…thanks again :D

Glad to hear that. It would be nice to have a review from you on Radmin.

Thank you.

Hi I am getting this error, could you please adivce?

root@localhost:/var/www/html/clinic# php artisan migrate

syntax error, unexpected identifier "queue", expecting "]"
at vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Queue/QueueServiceProvider.php:223
  219▕      * @return void
  220▕      */
  221▕     protected function registerListener()
  222▕     {
➜ 223▕         $this->app->singleton('queue.listener', function ($app) {
  224▕             return new Listener($app->basePath());
  225▕         });
  226▕     }
15  [internal]:0
21  artisan:37
+5 vendor frames

Thank you.

Try with, php artisan cache:clear

If this does not fix the error, you try with clearing browser cache.

Thank you.

Try with, php artisan cache:clear

If this does not fix the error, you try with clearing browser cache.

That helped, thank you :)


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