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Hi, would the user management system with different rules, or only the authentication system?

Hi there!

Laraspace currently does not include user management with roles/rules. It just provides you with a barebones setup with Admin Authentication which you can further optimize according to your needs.

You can integrate Roles & Permissions into Laraspace easily using many open source Laravel packages.


Hello there, I am new to these crud frameworks and Laravel. I want to create an application that can do these functions listed below. I am curious to know if these can be done using your framework to start with before I make a purchase.

I use WooCommerce for WordPress for my front end ordering from customers, it works well. I can export out automatically the orders from the online store to CSV file of all the data of the orders.

Here is what I will want to do using a framework:

1) retrieve the data from the CSV file

2) add the data to a database from your framework

3) create some custom types of dashboards using this data: – Page: Display orders – Page: Display individual order with map and delivery information showing which delivery driver this order is assigned to) – Page: Create delivery driver – Page: List delivery drivers – Page: administration to be able to drag and drop orders to each delivery driver for each day. – Page: Delivery driver to login and see only his orders for delivery for each day/week/month – Page: Display a list of delivery vehicles – Page: Display single vehicle showing which deliveries it has for the day/wee/month. Show which drivers it has been assigned to.

Hi There!

Laraspace is an admin template which allows laravel developers to quickly setup an admin backend with a lot of components.

So everything you mentioned is possible as it’s just a customisable framework but you have to be very proficient in laravel and php to build things as you like.


Unable to submit form field content while using ls-datepicker, ls-select2 classes.

This fails <input type=”text” name=”from_date” class=”form-control ls-datepicker” v-model=”from_date”>

This works <input type=”date” name=”from_date” class=”form-control” v-model=”from_date”>

You’re absolutely correct! but at the time of building the vue version we wanted to allow for a way to use the same plugins thus we added them as well.

If you don’t wish to use that, you can easily include any other open source date-picker component and that will do the job :)


Hi, Yes I am currently moving moving all components to external vue components. Would appreciate it, if you could include the “jquery” part in the theme description. Would help some users

I agree with you but we’ll include a lot more vue-specific components in vue version.

Thank you for the feedback so far.


Currently I am trying to setup Laravel via Cloudways. Since there is no root access support there I was wondering how I need to set up your theme before buying it? Thanks in advance!

Kind regards

Hi there,

Laraspace has the default directory structure of a Laravel application so it should be pretty straightforward if you already know how to install a Laravel Application on a Shared Hosting Server.

You can follow this guide if you want some help with it :


Does the product contain the MIT license?

Hey there,

You can read about the license here :

Hi. There is this review claiming that the bootstrap pack (and others packs) had styles and js files modified? Was it fixed? Thanks.


There are still a few plugins which are currently modified but we’re working on the new bootstrap upgrade ( beta ) which makes sure that no plugin files are directly modified.