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I sent her last week and got no reply. I need your help in installing the server. I write “php artisan key:generate” in CMD and gets an error: ” syntax error, unexpected ’,’, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE)...” What should I do? There may be another way to install? I would be grateful for your response as soon as possible.

Thanks, Ayala

Hey liranro,

I replied you in a day on your last comment but you didn’t respond to my question. However can you send me a mail on “”.

I’ll help you out personally.


I have trouble with using Localization in laravel i get the error. atal error: Uncaught exception ‘ReflectionException’ with message ‘Class translator does not exist’ in D:\Warsha\ezhalha2\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Container\Container.php:749 Stack trace: #0

Hi there!

Have you tried following the documentation?

If you still have a problem , mail me on “” and I’ll see what I can do :)


When will the next version be available?

We’re currently working on the next version. It still requires a lot more work thus I’d assume 3-4 weeks more.


I installed laraspace for a new project. I set host, local surfing I come to the opening screen of Laragon

I would be grateful for your help, Ayala

שלום רב,

יש לי בעיה בתבנית: כשמכניסים תמונות לסליידר בפרוטפוליו, לפעמים נוצרת תמונה ריקה שאין אפשרות למחוק אותה. כמו כן, כשמעלים את התמונות הוא לא מראה בצורה טובה, אלא רק לאחר ששומרים. כך רואים את התמונה:

אשמח שתיצרו איתי קשר בהקדם האפשרי.

בברכה לירן.


when I click on link on header in mobile i see blue background. what can i do to change it?

thank you liran


when I in protfolio-item page, the link protfolio not in color. what can i do?

thank you liran

hi there,

Can you send me the screenshot of the issue to my email address , so I can provide a working solution?


Everything up and running with following issues… 1. I have uncommented the ‘middleware’ => ‘admin’ line per the documentation so authorization is required. When you access the main page and select the layout type, it just kicks you back to the same layout selection page instead of to the login page requesting credentials. I can manually go to the login page and login without issue but it should be sending me to the login page. 2. Once logged in, the logout button does not log you out… I would expect it to send me to the login page.


Hi sglavach!

1 : It goes back to the home page because some users might not wish to redirect on login page when someone tries to access an authorized route. You can easily change this by editing ‘AdminMiddleware.php’ to following: return redirect()->guest('/login');

2 : Add /logout url to the logout link on `header.blade.php`. We didn’t add this link because of the demo. But We’ll Turn on Admin Authentication by default on installation.

Thank you very much for the feedback :)

Everything worked except now when you click on the logout link it logs you out and you are left with a blank page. Usually logging out will redirect you to the login page. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks!

Add this line of code to AuthController.php on logOut() function at the end. return redirect()->to('/login');

do you support laravel spark? if not then when planing to have spark included or support?

Spark is not open source, thus we have no plans to include that to Laraspace.

Hai Good Template, But i found few silly issues for example 1.In editors, simple MDE, i clicked on full screen then i’m unable to see the options and unable to see full text.

Thank you for the feedback.

We’ll take a look at the issues.

Hi. I use Laravel Spark and I know that’s not open source so I will not spect full support on it but have you try the integration? If both are based on Laravel 5.3 and VueJs 2.0 I imagine that there’s no issues between both or could be some extra issues there? Thanks for your help.

Actually the problem is not about the integration process. Taylor Otwell (Creator Of Spark ) does not allow any extensions/plugins with Spark as it is a commercial product.

I personally asked him about it after a lot of requests from the customers but he denied it.



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Will there be an update to bootstrap v4 alpha 6? Since there are quite a bit of difference to alpha 5

Thanks, Sigi

Yes We’ll be updating bootstrap in the next version. Thanks

Yes We’ll be updating bootstrap in the next version. Thanks