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Dear visitors please read comments can understand script not working… have a some problem

Hello, this is my third email to you, I have your script installed and I have not been able to get it to work correctly and require your support. The script is installed at please email me at

PM send :)

Hello, I am not able to configure the system, the doubt is exactly in the configuration of the database and the cron task, as well as in the database according to the documentation.

Here the last configuration made:

/usr/bin/php /public_html/ schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

check your inbox please

So, when we are using this with multiple accounts, the posts will be sent from same ip to all accounts. ıs this not a ban problem for instagram?

No… my dummy account is fine :)

Does it use server’s ip? Do you consider to add multi ip support?

yes, use server ip.

hhmm not yet

what date next update?

Can I integrate this into my wordpress powered website and have posts auto-post to Instagram?

your script its work or not? tnx

if i have any problem with install, you get help? tnx

saya gak bisa edit menitnya, kira2 kenapa ya?

We from RU and we needed full automation for popular russian social network - auto bots, work with groups, invite in group, auto post in group, ads in group, sheduller for posts, sheduller for ads, mass operations, mass delete blocked fake users from group, invaiting, likes, friending, messages with frending, auto comments to all posts in group, multiaccounting for fake dispute

Hi I’ve sent you email regarding my failed instalation, kindly chek. Since i tried follwo the tutorial but the the result are error

helo /// are still suporting this tools ?

woyy ini masih ada jual ga yaaaa … support ga pernah di jawabb piye kanggg


synerbiz Purchased

yg jualan mati kali yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Demo is not working.


synerbiz Purchased

ga jadi gak akan dibales juga