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Hi, with the new version, we have some problems: - We changed analytics view id on .env, also the configuration.json to load our profile but makes a 403. Could you change the guide to give instructions about this? - We try to change something on the dashboard -> settings, like the email contact, but makes an error of “sorry, this is a demo and you cant delete/update”. We try to comment the “message” on DemoMode class, and the message not appear but dont make any change.

Hello, please send us your email and we will send you the fix immediately

regarding google analytics integration, here is the detailed instruction http://laraship.com/docs/laraship/google-analytics-integration/


Thank you


Hello, inside the login page there is two buttons, one of them to login as super admin and the other to login as subscriber

demo is not working properly – also do you have razorpay subscription integrated ?

Hello, it should be working now, we were setting up SSL certificate :)

Please contact us for razorpay integration https://www.laraship.com/contact/

is it me… i cant find the crm section …

you can integrate them using API, it will require additional work in your case, if you already have the script we can check it for you and get back to you with estimations

i allready have the script, how do i discuss with you in a private setting..

you can reach us at support@corals.io

Is it possible to run a affiliate program? I need the exact script. But with an affiliate program. I want to pay my users who bring paid users every month. Any way?

Hello, We can add this as a custom feature for you, please contact us for more information in the privates messiging

I installed the foobar module successfully as per your documentation… without renaming anything to test it out. But upon going to the url /public/foobars…. I get the following database table error

“DataTables warning: table id=dataTableBuilder – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/7"

What is this error? I inserted a row in the foo_bars table but still no luck.

Hello,please check laravel logs

There has been a change in my client’s project and this CMS is no longer a fit for it. I would like to request a refund as it will not be used, has not been used and has been deleted from everywhere. 165ce8b6-df00-479a-acce-879d028c5e9d – 19 Dec 2017 . It looks like a good project and will consider it for future needs if they arise. Thank you.

Hello jsiegle62, Thanks for your message, as you know CMS module inside Laraship is just one module of many modules you can use for your projects, and we are available for customizations if you’re interested, however, we don’t have a refund policy, thank you for understanding.


Lealmar Purchased

The product is attractive and works well, I asked for help and it was almost immediate. Read well what you buy, do not think you buy the demo, you have many modules that will not deliver, You will have to pay for each one almost the initial cost, example Paypal + $ 30.

Hi Lealmar, thank you for your message, we are glad to help you immediately :) , regarding the other payment gateways like PayPal or Braintree, we made it clear as much as possible in both the demo and product description that these payment gateways are not included in the package and can be purchased separately, we added notification messages, Thanks :)


Hello, we can add this module as custom feature if interested please contact us in private messages

I checked out your demo but I just want to confirm. Is this something that can be used for a subscription box service website without any other modifications needed?

for the strip payment, are the payments processed on my site or on stripe’s website? what i wanted to know is would i need ssl?

Stripe will handles the payment and there is a webhook to push events to Laraship, Laraship works without SSL too

I followed the installation without any error but there is not front-end. Please send you an email with the details.


roblesc Purchased

hi there great work! presales questions-1) form builder is aviable? 2) crud generator?3)Bootstrap4? 4)Custom work? Thanks!


roblesc Purchased

hi there thanks for the fast response. In demo the form builder is disabled, what can i do for view. thanks

Hello, sorry for the confusion, please contact us in private messages and will send you the demo url


roblesc Purchased

email send :)


mattltm Purchased

Just a few pre purchase questions…

1) I would like to play with the form builder but it is disabled in the demo. Can you activate it? 2) Is the form builder included or is it a separate purchase? 3) I can’t work out where to add pricing in the demo. I would like to create several membership levels with different monthly pricing but can’t see how to do this and I can’t find any documentation about it. 4) Can it support a free membership level?


Hi mattltm thanks for your message, 1) please send us a private message and we will provide you with demo link, its disabled because it’s not part of the subscription package. 2) separate purchase 3) each product has Plans and features 4) yes there is a free plan https://www.screencast.com/t/0uVeC7Tz

Hi, is-it possible to get a link to your form builder demo ? When will it be available ? Also I don’t see in your tuto how to create/load a new template ? Thanks

Hello, please send us private message about form builder, regarding templates builder we will be releasing documentation about next week