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After I updated my Cores and Modules, my Stripe module disappeared. When I go to Payments Setting, it gives the error: No Active payment gateway found. I go to Modules and try to Add New Module but I don’t have the Module Core. Where do I find what to enter in this field?

Hmm, you can copy the stripe module from corals/modules/payment /stripe into your installation, composer update and then activate the module

Hi, do you offer a bundle price for this items? - Laraship Subscriptions - Laraship Referrals - Laraship Paypal Plugin Thanks! Martin

I sent you a private message to your email

Is it possible to integrate the login with laravel socialite https://laravel.com/docs/5.5/socialite ?

Yes if course


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After I update, on my local machine, the superuser got turned into a member. I went into the database to change it, but there is no value under user table that sets the role. So I am basically locked out of the admin dashboard.


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OK. Then where can I find the pages saved so I can pull it out through the backend or database? Please be more helpful. Short answers means you don’t care to help.


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Nevermind i figured it out.

Schema::(‘post_tag’); Schema::(‘category_post’); Schema::(‘posts’); Schema::(‘tags’); Schema::(‘categories’);


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Good day,

I purchased your script from Code Canyon and I believe that I also registered on the Laraship website, but I cannot seem to log into my account. My email address is balous@gmail.com. Can you please look into it for me.

Thank you


SMATAR Author Team


We are frequently deploy a fresh database in our demo sites.


Hi, it seems that the hook `post_cancel_subscription` is not properly triggered. Looking at your method is that it returns a boolean before the do_action of `post_cancel`.

What is the proper tweak for this? Should I move the do_action before the return or remove the return part?

Class: Corals\modules\Subscriptions\Classes\Subscription.php@cancelSubscription

Good catch, yes you can move it before the return command

let me know about front end. https://demo.laraship.com/

Hello what do you like to know about

I am not able to load 5 slides on the header, when I do I can only see 1,2, 5. 3rd, 4th slide do not show.

Hello, I see php info page http://appointmentapp.co/

I have taken down the site, and am going to use wordpress instead. This site is not responsive. Thank you for your help.

Hello, The Site is responsive, we should be able to fix any of non responsive issues you have,its probably due to content you added please send us on private messages and we can check the issues you have, Thanks


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i am getting this error on my live server.
Storagepath `` is not part of public path `/var/app/current/public` (View: /var/app/current/resources/themes/admin/partials/header.blade.php)

Hello, this is an issue with Laravel Media Library : https://github.com/spatie/laravel-medialibrary/issues/190


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Hello, First your license is expired which means your purchase is not supported, second we have made new releases after your purchase exactly 2 years ago which is normal and we added new features, third you have been reported to codecanyon