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Hi, A quick pre-sale question. Do you do Custom Modifications? Regards,


I open a ticket for this problem

I have a problem to change my database, it’s run on localhost but when I change all database details on .env file, (with newuserdb, IP database, password,) for online db, I have an error

I try to change “config/database.php” to, but I have the same error

I change the IP address, why it search my newuserdb on localhost ??


PDOException in Connector.php line 55: SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘newuserdb’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)

Thanks a lot

My user have “ALL PRIVILEGES” ...

Hello !!!

24 days and I don’t have a solution … 18 days and no reply … I really have support for 6 month???

So, To fix this problem I buy a VPS to replace my web hosting ( before I paid 20€ /yr and now 145€ /yr )

And now I have another problem, after the installation, I have this on my browser

|-------------- | Register The Auto Loader |-------------- | | Composer provides a convenient, automatically generated class loader for | our application. We just need to utilize it! We’ll simply require it | into the script here so that we don’t have to worry about manual | loading any of our classes later on. It feels nice to relax. | */

require DIR.’/../bootstrap/autoload.php’;

etc ….....................

Apache2 php5 is intalled and running

Please, help me, It’s very urgent. Thanks

Hello, can you send us server login in private message and we will install it for you

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I wanted to check out Laraship on code canyon but when I try and log in as an Admin or a member, the next page says, “Whoops, something went wong.”

Let me know once this is fixed, I’m very interested in this.



(also, your email info@laraship.com doesn’t work – recipient not found)

Hello, We just checked the demo instance and its working fine, may be it was temporary issue with the server, you can contact us at info[at]esolution-inc.com

does the Regular License one come with front end with payment bit

dues the Regular License come with membership levels that we can charge for build for ourselfs

hi still would like to know

you mean charge for building applications using laraship ?


ezypos Purchased

Hi, When I click on MY ACCOUNT to login on a mobile view, it does not respond. I can’t login via a Mobile. But when I click on “BLOG” first and then go click on “MY ACCOUNT”, the link works. Could you please advice. Thanks.

Error 404 : Routes error after deploying on hosting

My website is on the folder (debian) : var/www/mywebsite/public

My first page was loaded but when I clic to login or register I have the 404 error: “The requested URL /mywebsite/public/login was not found on this server”

I try to :

- put a ".htaccess" on my public directory with RewriteEngine On
- Edit apache.conf to put "AllowOverride All" for my directory
- Create a virtualhost file and enable it (a2ensite)
- My ".env" was modified with my website informations
- All grant is ok

I juste see a change, when I edit apache.conf (AllowOverride All), the error 404 has been replaced by an error 500

Somebody could you help me please?

NoBody have this problem ?

@esolution-inc … You don’t have a solution for me please? I can’t use Laraship on my hosting …

Hi I bought your theme Laraship Pro.

I’m having trouble removing the “DASHBOARD” link for members.

Also removing, “Cancel Subscribtion” option on the member profile page.

Please help.



Hi Adam, CodeCanyon shows that you haven’t purchased the package

Just having a play with the demo and it looks like the stripe keys are expired. i wanted to specifically test the invoicing.


TRNDNG Purchased

Hi, when I click “Send Reset Password Link” in the password reset page nothing happens, I don’t receive an email. Any idea why?



TRNDNG Purchased

Any help would be great

Hello the settings are not correct is hsould be like :







It’s telling me Connection could not be established with host smtp.gmail.com [Connection refused #111]

Does this automatically process recurring (monthly) payments through stripe?


Can you add A NEWSLETTER IN THE NEW VERSION AND ALSO THE ABILITY TO ADD CUSTOM FIELDS TO THE SYSTEM. The custom fields are needed to the user profile.

Thank you


Hi Ronnie, these are an additional features we can add it for extra fees

Hello, I have a problem for subscription

I choose my package, I put my card informations but …

when I click on the validate button (begin subscription), there is no action on the click (I test with the stripe test card )

Anyboby have the same problem?

How could I fix it please?

Thanks a lot

noboby to help me ? thanks a lot

Hi jimix974, please send us the URL and we will look for you

Hi thanks for you reply, I have send it on your two Email address (info@..... and call….)

Hi, I came across your membership script. I have to develop a Mobile app for a small organisation that sells insurance for health. In other words, the organisation has one subscription plan that people can register for to benefit clinic treatment and some other medicine as long as they are in the subscription plan every month. So, there will be only one subscription plan that lengths is 1 month.

Question 1 : I was wondering if using the script it would be possible to do such function. Question 2 : Can I convert that script into an Hybrid app? Like using if I use ionic or Cordova, will it be possible to develop that and have the android and IOS version ? Questions 3 : Do you offer support for the installation and any issues ? Question 4 : Will you help (even if you charge for that) in case I have issues with converting it into Mobile Hybrid app ?

Looking forward to reading you very soon.


i have installed laraship, but if i click on “my account -> regsiter or login”, there is a 404 error. So have looked into the Controller folder and there are none Login or Register Controller. The Routes.php doesnt include any login and register routes? Where is the Problem?

Best regards Michael

Hi Please send us your ftp login in private messages to check