Laraship Content Management System and Website Administration with frontend theme

Laraship Content Management System and Website Administration with frontend theme

Laraship Admin is the best kit for your website, powered By Laravel 5.5 to provide a complete set of features for any web application.


  • User Management.
  • Content Management System: manage pages, posts, news, categories, tags with Page Builder
  • Two Factor Authentication .
  • Profile Management: with Profile image cropper.
  • Access Control: including Roles and Permissions
  • Authentication Management : Login / Register / Forgot Password.
  • Menu Builder: Manage dashboard and website menus
  • Setting Management: handle different settings like single value, array, files, numeric…
  • Activity log: monitors user activities and handle exceptions.
  • Slider Manager: includes video / image and HTML types.
  • File Manager: manage your files and embed them easily to HTML editors.
  • Google Analytics Integration: visitor analytics on your dashboard.
  • Awesome Dashboard: with System overview analytics.
  • Widgets: snippets to be included easily
  • FrontEnd theme
  • Automatic Remote updates for Modules.
  • Theme Management.


Demo is available at

Documentation is available at

Why Laraship:

  • Latest Version of Laravel with Laravel 5.5  & Bootstrap 3
  • Encrypted URLs, SSL tested to ensure security
  • Actions and Filters Hooks for ease of customization
  • Beautiful theme for the dashboard and additional frontend theme.
  • Responsive and tested on all modern browsers.
  • Modular structure for scalability and maintainability.
  • SEO friendly: Ease of set titles and meta tags and  metas for twitter and opengraph.
  • Periodic updates and additional features.
  • Incredible support team.
  • Available for Freelance and customizations.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Widgets & Shortcodes for easy embedding.




v1.5.0 – 01/22/2018
- Add Exel , CSV export with print features
- Add Two factor Authentication Feature
- Remote Updates and Module Installer / Updater
- Theme Management
- Add Hooks & Actions
v1.0 – 29/12/2017
- Initial Release