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Hey thanks a lot!!

Hy wmlabs

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Hello, Can you please retry?

This product link is don’t work 10 minites ago but now problem fixed thank you

May be you checked at the time of database reset, Its working now.

thanks a lot

Welcome :)

Hello, Can my customer create and manage their own account? Could be available as a SAAS System?

Thanks for showing interest. Yes, it is possible. Please send your requirement at http://wmlab.in/request-quote.

Hey, great product. I am loving it. This is one of the best invoice application, I have seen. Can you add below features to make it more useful?

Muliple templates for invoice and quotation. SAAS version

Hey, Thanks a lot for your appreciation. We will surely work on your suggestion.


Lealmar Purchased

Because if I bought your script, your protection system will not let me install it and says:”You are bit ahutorized buyer if this product”. I pass the data of the license that has been delivered to me. I am looking forward to your response. Bad start.

Please note that both Envato Username & Purchase license are case sensitive…Try again with installation again with correct details.


Lealmar Purchased

That was, thanks for your quick response, I wish you a lot of sales.

Hey, Thanks a lot!! Don’t forget to rate the application.

Hi, It is possible to add Category/Income/Expanse code, for Ex. We have lot of Category 100101 is Telephone Bill, 100102 is Loan, 100103 is Salary like this, there are possible to add another filed to sort code. Do you support to add more accounting option in this software?

Hello, Please submit your requirement at http://wmlab.in/request-quote

Very nice job dude

Thanks a lot..

can you convert quotation to invoice? i think this feature is a must

Hey, thanks for your suggestion. Marked it for next release. This will be for sure..

We have implemented your suggestion..please visit demo at http://larapay.wmlab.in


iwanovv Purchased

Hello, nice project! :) Can you add image for items(i mean upload option) and that image will be visible in all items list? Is it possible view item details without button just clicking on record? Thanks!

Please visit http://support.wmlab.in for installation details


iwanovv Purchased

Need assist about release licence. I forgot to release it and delete files. Now can’t install project on same location. I use support form to make a ticket but nothing happens. When i check tickets “You don’t have any tickets”! Thank you for understanding!

I hope you have got answer on Skype.


iwanovv Purchased

Is there a way call reCaptcha to show in login form?

Hello, If you need this feature, we can customize it for you. please submit your requirement at http://wmlab.in/request-quote

Hello friend, excellent product !! I am a doctor with a little knowledge of php and wanted to know if you can make a personalization for customer service (patients) with an online chat and / or ticket system, prior to a paypal system and would need a shift schedule system Best regards German Pace

Hey, Thanks for your appreciation. You can send your requirement at http://wmlab.in/request-quote

Lots of great features and very good looking UI. Question: I logged on as ADMIN and did not find anything regarding RECURRING Invoice. Also when I logged on Customer and did not see any RECURRING Invoice options.

Please share with me, where I can see it. Thanks in advance

Hello, Thanks for your appreciation. You can login as ‘Admin’ go to ‘Invoice’. In the header buttons, you will get option for recurring invoice. Let us know if you have any more questions.


iwanovv Purchased

Feature suggestion: Create view page for items

We are on leave. Will get back to you on 21st feb

very nice job ;) But extendet licence 499€ ??? :( wow

We are on leave. Will get back to you on 21st feb.


wavekey Purchased

Nice job. But i don’t need password for every customer(!) .how can I do this unrequired?. Also, can I relate directly an income/expense with a company? That would be awesome.

You can send your customization request at http://wmlab.in/request-quote

I wrote an email “Larapay customization” as well as skype contact request, I require reply Asap before hire third party development to achieve those functionalities, thanks

Hello, We have already accepted your skype request. You can ping us when you are available.

Hello.. larapay is miror paypal? Like paypal?

Yes, it is paypal like invoice generating script with multiple payment gateways.


michent1 Purchased


How does the licensing work for development/staging environments? If I’m working on a local dev installation would I need to transfer the license from our production environment?

You can release the license from existing installation and then use the same license for installation on any other location anytime.


michent1 Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply. Can you clarify whether the package is completely disabled once a license is released? For example, if we have to push a hotfix from dev to production – then we’d have to release the production license and assign to our dev environments, correct? I’m concerned that’s the case this is basically going to break our production environment until the license is released from dev and assigned back to production.

Also, I’m working in a multi-developer workflow. So we have more than one local dev environment that gets pushed to staging and then pushed to production. So I’m assuming this type of workflow wouldn’t be possible with the license you offer?

Do you offer any type of limited add-on dev licenses? I have a few different applications I work with that also have installation restrictions, but offer a restricted dev license for these specific scenarios (i.e. they limit the number of registered users on the dev installation, etc).

I suggest you to go for extended license and use it for multiple installation without worrying about it.