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Hi, Can I pay invoice from script itself?

Hello, Yes you can. You can start collecting payment via Paypal / Credit Card etc.


I think you should really make a CRM with all those individual modules in one. I feel like you would get a really large amount of sales. Because I’m interested in some of the modules, but all of them have a individual user auth, etc. It would be nice to only have one that does it all.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will surely check it and implement if feasible.


Seems to be a very nice script and the one I need for my business. I have a coder to be able to help with modifications and my question is are this script encrypted or limited in any other way to be modified?

thanks in advance for your information

No. The script files are not encrypted. You are free to modify/edit the files as per your requirement within Envato terms.

Nice project, I would like to buy if the price is discounted :)

Sorry, price is fixed.


Where is composer.json and gitignore files?

Anyway for now I think it can be enought for me, but I wanna those files to install all from vendor source + put all code to git so we can add some our code aswell

Also please tell how I can connect directly to you, wanna ask for some paid improvements a little bit later


Please visit for all kinds of support.

Also you have problems with clean installation

Just installed app looks not as expected. problems with styles and it telling me that it is not possible to save data on demo app even if I have APP_ENV=production

ok – looks like .env not processed so in some reason php dotenv not loaded at all, so this is worng prepared archive as I can see

Please update it with working version

adding cloud bootstrap in footer helps to solve situation, so you have error including some css i guess

Please visit for all kinds of support.

Hi. I have a few questions before I purchase this app:
  • Accounting: Where are Ledger Accounts?
  • Accounting: Where do you specify Ledger Accounts for items?
  • Accounting: where are Ledger Account entries?
  • Accounting Reports: where are Trial Balances, etc…?
  • Reports: Where are any reports?
  • Item: Can we add images for the items?
  • Advanced Task App: Can we purchase the Advances Task manager and add it to this app? I mean is it the same framework and laravel? Could it be possible to combine them together?
  • Are you working on a new update currently? If yes what are we expecting to see in terms of the above?
  • The documents printed (like the quote or invoice): can they be customized?
  • Finally: When customers log into the system, can they generate a quote from the items? Or a quote request at least?

Thanks – otherwise I like most of it as it is!!! Looking forward from your reply! A fan of your work!!!

For all after purchase support, you need to raise ticket at All your tickets will be respond within stipulated time.

Ok thanks, but these were pre-purchase questions… I simply wanted to know if they are in place (those points raised by me) and if not I will have to create that through your system. Thanks for getting back to me! By the way you guys are awesome in support and development ;) Thanks for really nice systems.

Is it compatible only with Laravel 5.4 or older version as well? 5.1 specifically?

It is developed with Version 5.4. You need to have all the pre-requisites of Laravel 5.4

hey guyz can you build invoice software like this, please mail me on this email id fo r further discussion 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next

Thanks for your offer but we are running out of time.

how does this work

You can check the demo at

hi, i reinstall the larapay at the same subdomain. how can use it again? it always tell “Already installed at one location, Regular license can only be installed at one location.” can you help me on this.

Please raise a ticket at

Your application is showing “You should change the server to Apache” error message. Our server is for PHP, it is “LiteSpeed Web Server” but not “Apache”. We run 8 more CodeCanyon based projects on our server. No PHP application is showing such error. What is the solution of this problem?

Please raise a ticket at along with ftp account details.

Please reply there, a ticket is already generated. :) Many thanks in advance.

Your ticket is already replied!


biswa1 Purchased

I already have given a request on your support system, can you please check and reply me. My ticket number is #2161

Your ticket is already replied.

Hello, Now a days many companies need to send the invoices to the customer with a payment link, where the customer can click on the link and choose the method of payment and once he pay the invoice it will update on the system that this invoice has been paid,

Is that something we can do using your invoicing system, can I add my payment getaway to the system, if yes , how this can be done?

Please advice


Hello, Thanks for your suggestion. I will review it and integrate if feasible.

Online Installation Guide is gone and there are no instructions within the package, Support website is gone as well. It seemed to be such an interesting package. Refund the purchase, I’m not gonna waste my time on it. Thank you.

Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience. Please visit for installation documentation. We are currently in the process of migrating wmlab to scriptmint therefore the documentation is not available on older website.

Hi, is there also a subscription system, like montly payment like laravel spark?

No. Right now this feature is not available. Thanks for your suggestion. I will surely work on it.

Because in the livepreview appears cost 29 and here 39

Choice is yours. You can purchase it from Envato or purchase it directly from ScriptMint.