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Your script looks good, but I was wondering if it is just a blogging platform; because I do not see any categories on the demo site, nor the ability to add product categories in the admin area.

Also I do not see any pagination, any plans for that? You also mention about a Dynamic Sitemap, how is that created? There is no sitemap on the demo site.

How is SEO done for added pages?

Upgrade wishes…

The ability to use RSS feeds as a content source for blog pages.

Make the focus more of a affiliate store script, with a blog for fresh content.

Would love to see Walmart Affiliate program be added, just as backup to Amazon, since Amazon is quick to terminate affiliates without warning or reasonable explanation.

Hi @Findsolutions

1. LaramBy have a Categories and Tags System. you can see in article detail , then scroll down, so you can click categories or tags.

2. LaramBy have a pagination in blog,categories,tags, and search result. but just show if result count greater of 8.

3. for seo, LaramBy have a valid The Open Graph protocol and JSON-LD

how you earn money

just create a hight quality article content, and planning the keyword mature…

Demo is not working

Hi @medsites , sorry about that, my vps is down… now.. you can see demo again :)

thanks, but also Admin login is not working?

Hello, 1. Does this script display Deal, on sale, deal of the day, print coupon etc from most of all stores and online stores and inventory automatic update?(let’s say Macy’s,best buy, wall mart,,,, Outlet etc 2.Does is support around the world’s stores? 3. Good deal, best deal. Open box sale etc 4.Deal in nearby store (using google map) etc with phone app 5.Or could you make it add on all the above? Thanks

sorry… not yet, this script just show amazon and ebay products advertising with your keyword and your affiliate id.

do you have any plan to add those in Affiliate program? or possibly new add on? Thanks,

Dear Author, I want some information related to your script…as the contents (products and their details) showing on home page and is provided by you after purchase also or i have to update all that and you will only provide me blank script ? please reply me , my email id is

Hi… You need amazon or ebay api key for showing products in home page and other. This script not include amazon and ebay api key, you can get api key from LaramBy documentation.

Presell question: in the demo, I cannot see any field for the ebay campaign id. Could you tell me more about?

Also, if – from your website – I click on the button “buy from ebay” (let’s say from this page:

the link generated is something like this:

but, shouldn’t the link be something like

in other words, shouldn’t the link point to and contain the CAMPID with your campid in it?

Thank you,


1. this script generates the pages on demand.. 2. comment system using disqus, no database required

so, you just need set your products keyword for displaying amazon and ebay affiliate products. *you don’t need database for displaying amazon and ebay affiliate products

And could I just use ebay and disable products from amazon?

Sure… you can enable or disable api from general setting, and you can choose amazon or just ebay api…

Hi @theodisbutler , sorry about that, my vps is down… now.. you can see demo again :)

I notice the images on the demo site are blurry, can that be fixed.

Also is there a way to have Keyword category pages for with more than on page of results?

i am using small image from amazon and ebay products result, i am realy care about page speed… but if you have knowledge about php, you can change products image size.

you just need create category, and this will create category page with your blogpost . and this will showing result from amazon and ebay product keywords

Hi does the script has option of importing products automatically using search box? or do we have to manually import product like copying URL of any amazon product

Hi @alipro12 you don’t need to import or add manually amazon products… you just need to set what your amazon keyword will be display in your post. and this app will automated showing amazon products with your keyword.

so if I want to import DVDs how do I show specific DVD product on my app?

you need set post keyword to DVD, and this will automated show dvd product. for more info, please try login as admin in live demo.

I am really interested in getting this script to create a niche site, but in order to do so I would category pages is needed instead of the blog pages.

I know that Amazon API allow up to 10 pages of results, so is it possible to update the script with these features.

Also if you could program this script to pull in Amazon product star rating and customer reviews would make this script a must buy for me.


I bought your script but I’m having a few issues and I’d like your help.

First, I’ve installed it and it’s running smootly on my website (I will send you the link privatelly).

I want to use only ebay affiliate program, but I’m not able to change the link to the “” which is the correct url to be paid from ebay.

I already set up the general settings, I have the AppId, DevId and CertId, so I’m sure they are correct.

What I do not have is: Ebay Affiliate UserId Ebay TrackingId Ebay Tracking Partner Code

because in the Ebay Partner Network, the only ID I have is the one for the campaign, called Campaign ID.

Besides, even if I set Italy as Ebay Global ID, I still get the price in $ instead of EUR and the urls point to and not rover.

Could you help me?

sure… please send your ebay credentials to paypayjatinangor[at]

and i’ll try to find and fixing your problem…

Greetings Grandong, could you mind send me an upgrade about how things are going? At the moment, the script is not working and I’ve no news from your part.

Thank you!


Hi, I have installed the script (LaramBy), but the upload of pictures doesn’t work. Any rights I have to give to any folder or file? Thanks, Volker

Hi… Make sure public folder is writable

Are you planning to add “Buy” feature with affiliate link, wishlist etc ? If you can do it, I’ll buy this product. And also others, too I think.

yes, in the next update

Respected i like your script but one question sir

i check the admin now here only api acess produt not affliate id if i buy how i earn money from my affliate if any person buy no option in admin afflate id put

thanks wait reply

if you will use amazon, affiliate id is amazon associate tag, but if you use ebay, you can put in Ebay affiliate user id

Gan.. Pakai framework apa.?

Sorry gan.. baru baca., pakai laravel. Kalau saya beli, template bisa gak di ganti.


Respected i intersted your script this one but two thing clear i alrady loss one script buy any other no api work on it so my loss

1. both ebay and amzone work api auto pic the item as per categeries and display on main auto update after these item

2. After buy if problem set my affliate account after if i give you my all account id ebay and amzone can you set it my api affliate id one time i thnamsfull to you always may be i mistake any where so if you fix for me i thanks to you please

I interest the script buy but no reply from yours still my prvious how i buy please

[Pre-Buying Question] If i buy this script then is it like there will be a search box and after that whenever people search for any product the script will extract relevant information from amazon and ebay in that time like google search?

Yes Try to live demo

Hi, i purchased your LaramBy Php script yesterday and installed it right now. I have one big problem, after i enabled the Amazon Api i only get a blank site with the following notice “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” Everything ist correct (Access Key, Secret Key, Accociate ID, “Germany” as Country and “DVD” as keyword). After i disabled the Amazon Api, the site looks again ok (show header, navigation, body, footer). FYI: The public folder is writable (777). Any idea to fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

send email to me—> paypayjatinangor[at]

I solved the problem ;-) Thanks!!!

Not sure how this script works.

Is this an auto-blogging script you can add rss feeds to import posts and convert keywords into amazon or ebay products?