Discussion on LaraMailer - Email Marketing Application with Multiple SMTP Support

Discussion on LaraMailer - Email Marketing Application with Multiple SMTP Support

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when will update Version come?

no progress… ?

do anyone use this script with working? I want to use this but most of the comments show ng- . any?

If you have any queries contact with admin at

Greetings we have this need for one of our services ( which allows the sending of a whatsapp message from an email client by attaching images and pdf, the recipient is of the type Our customers use their mail client lists to send the same message to multiple recipients, then create lists with all the phone numbers followed by @ and send. Now we would also like to manage the broadcasting of messages and then build a mailchimp-like site with the following features: - signing up; - possibility to manage / import address books (whatsapp numbers @ domaindispegno) :; - each member must be able to use their own smtp.

The emails must be in text format only as whatsapp does not manage html, they must allow attachments and must not contain the footer with “opt out” as the consent policy is managed by WhatsApp.

is it possible to carry out this project with your solution? thank you marcello cama

Thanks for your interest but Sorry currently we are working to upgrade our projects so now it’s not possible.

multi use can assign and login ??

Documents support for what?

jpg, png, pdf and all types

where you want to upload this? in mail template?

hey bro we installed this but it will not let us “add mailer” can you give us some default settings for driver, host, port, encryption?

i know this, we have a mailer service, but when we add any inputs it rejects all inputs we have from our mailer service! We have real credentials but cant use them

bro we want it to work

It’s basically based on SMTP based email service. Check your configuration and properly entry mailer information’s. Hope it will work.

Unfortunately, not working as expected. When I’m sending a single email is fine, but after creating test group and sending email to them, I got the message that I sent it to 0 recipients. Very poor contact with developer tried contacting him by mail 4 weeks ago, had just one message back that wasn’t even helpful. Still waiting for help from his site

Be patient and be with us. We are coming with some new features and upgrades. Feel free to contact at

10 days ago I done it and its still no respond

Sorry for being delay. If you still believe in us send your previous mail again. Checked and found nothing in my mail.

I just purchased your LaraMailer script off of code canyon.

I had my developer install it but he can’t get the mailer to work… he also got an error message when trying to upload my list.

It says you do free installs on codecanyon. Can you please fix this, if not, I’d just like a full refund…

I also sent an email to

Ok will contact

what to put in Encryption.

My server detail: Username: xxxxxx Password: Use the email account’s password. Incoming Server: IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995 Outgoing Server: SMTP Port: 465 IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication.

and also in Mail Host

Outgoing Server: SMTP Port: 465 IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication. these are the smtp mail info of your server try to use them

i purchased but its not working

Why no instructions how to install Please send instructions for installing the script

Affter 3 day talk me to contact you ….

Please send me how to install Please faster

there is an documentation file inside the script. open that and follow

Your script doesn’t work and I’m a developer, I can’t get it to work or if I want to run the composer commands, can it help?

Hi developer, I want to buy this application, but i have some help for add and edit some convenience. How can I contact to you?

Hello Sir, Your script is not working. Can u solve this problem please? If u can’t then please refund me. Thanks!!!

I think, you got help you needed. If possible give a true review, thanks

Can we send HTML Email template using this software

You can not directly use any html email template here, but as we use niceditor in the message field so you can make great template from the editor.

Hi Team,

I have a few pre-sales questions for the basic version:
  • Can i send emails via multiple domains?
  • Can i use multiple SMTP servers at once (Sendgrid+Amazon SES)?
  • Is it possible to automatically switch servers while sending?
  • Is the bounce, Spam, Unsubscribe setting integrated by default?

The idea is to have a single list of emails and I would like to send the emails to them via two different domain integrated with different SMTP servers.

1. If your server supports multiple smtp yes you can send 2. No, one smtp at a time 3. as one at a time so no switches 4. No

Before buying this tool i want to know 1. To how many users we can send mail at once (my requirement is want to send to 5K-8K users at once) using SMTP 2. can we use Mailgun server details instead of SMTP

1) if you want to send from any mail server smtp then you can send mail but from web hosting server it will be taken as spam mail 2) no this is for smtp as you can see from the app title

can we change subject for each mail sent ””

yes you can

how I check demo, no such option..Also can we send mail via diff smtp

Demo is just for view. No other option to apply this

I have some questions before I buy this. I would like to use mailgun smtp but I noticed from the screenshot mailgun doesn’t have some settings your script requested to connect… Check the screenshots below. LaraMailer Requested
  1. Mail Driver
  2. Mail Host
  3. Mail Port
  4. Email ID
  5. Password
  6. Encryption
    1. You’ll notice in the second image below of mailgun settings, there’s no Mail Driver and Encryption. So what do I Put there when I buy the script

      LaraMailer Settings Screenshot

      MailGun Settings Mailgun settings Screenshot

driver is always smtp for this but encryption is in between ssl tls and starttls

OK. You mean the mail driver should be smtp right?

hello , I would like to know if this system able to let visitor register email account with my website domain name or not. for example I have a website , I would like to let visitor to register like , is that possible? Thanks

Thanks for your interest on our product. Well! actually you need to put emails on the system or need to add this the time of sending mails. So its upto you whoever you will want to send mail. Thank you

Hello I am interested in this script… Do this script have language file so i can change language?... I see in your Item Detail i can see the image #2 have the tinyMCE, but in your demo i can´t see it…. And what server specs do i need to run this script…

I have:
Apache 2.4.37
PHP 5.6.39
MySQL 5.7.24
OS Linux
So please let me know about this. Thanks Best Regards Icemanmx

Hello, There is no language file till now but you can add this for your own purposes. Tinymce is being removed because its need more setting and takes space for image purposes. and server needs to have

PHP 7.0.0 or greater (with PHP exec function, etc.) OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension PHP Fileinfo extension PHP Zip Archive Rewrite Module

This specifications.. Thank you


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