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Hello, does this support noSQL? Also, I was trying to find how to assign permissions to specific user groups, looks like its not working.

Yes, you can look for Laravel + noSQL tutorial for it.

Hi I just bought your software but when I try to do php artisan migrate. it comes with error no database name following. Also checked inside database/migration folder . there are none migration tables class.

I cannot see ‘purchased’ tag infront of your username in this comment. Please share your purchase code along at

I have send you in above email address my purchase code.

Purchase doesn’t belong to your account. Please send support request from the account you have purchased the product.

Hello Author,

Please refund my money, I could not use it. Now I don’t want to use your licence and support any more, please refund my money and cancel my licence for this product.

Thanks Sanjay

This is problem from Indian buyers. They usually buy product, download and then ask for refund. Where did you not get support from us? Didn’t you get reply to your email? You got the installation documentation. Let me take this matter to Envato.

Hey ScriptMint,

Its not about your source code, its about the product what you are Giving. its not the intentionally, Just see I have also purchased 6 months Extra support. But your product is not usable for me. You support was not working when I checked, the support link was down, so I found another way to develop my project, instead of using your source code. You support is not OK, That is the reason, I am not using your source code.

Just cancel my licence for your product and refund my all $50 Thanks

My product is not usable for you. Have you gone through demo? I believe you have purchased only after going through demo? Have you requested for support for which you didn’t get support from me? Didn’t you get reply from me about support link? You are not using my source code which you have already downloaded. How could I know that you are not using? As a developer you should respect other developer and respect their coding values.

Your site for installation guide is not active: SORRY! If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider:

I have raised the refund request

You request could not be processed without any proper reason.

Looks like a great product.. is this still supported ? which is the easiest way to contact incase there is an issue.. Is it pure Laravel? would we have any issue if we add our own laravel modules?? thanks alot

Yes, it is supported and developed in Laravel. You may contact at

However, Latest version of this app is designed with Laravel 5.5 & Vue.js which is available here