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Hello wmlabs. Thank you for this beautiful work. 1-) This script is running on nginx server 2-) I could not work with homestead on my local computer, what is this suggestion? 3-) Do I lose my license when I install it on a virtual machine?

Thank you good work

Thank you gorselsoft for your appreciation. Yes, this script do run on nginx server but it requires some configuration therefore we do not suggest our users to use nginx server. Can you please let us know your issue you are facing with homestead? You can always release your license from your installed location & then install it in any other location. Let us know if you still have any questions.

How do you add an event to the Calendar?

There is option to add events from to do list in the header menu. Let us know if you have more questions.

I guess I should have been more specific, I see where the todo goes into the calendar but can you specify the TIME of an item in the calendar and not just the day?

This feature is not available but it can be done. We can customize it for you with some customization charges. For details mail us at support@wmlab.in

Can you advise on implementing this in an existing Laravel project? Is this definitely for Laravel 5.3 as the images on your support website show the folder structure for Laravel 5.1 or 5.2? Can I manually patch the files across or do I have to run the installer?

Yes, this is for Laravel 5.3. You can play with the files as you want.

How do you assign permissions and roles to users?

You can go to profile and update individual roles. You can go to permission -> ‘Save Permission’ and then update permission for all the roles. Let us know if you have more questions.

I do not see any way in a users profile to assign them to a role, nor do I see a way to assign permissions to a role. I just checked on your demo site as well and there is neither

We have sent you the reply on your email. Please check.

Hi, I would like to purchase this, but my question is is the user section of the code easy to customize?

If you have experience of Laravel 5.3 then its really easy to customize. Let me know if you have more questions.

I have a question how do run this on Nginx server through Laravel Forge?

We have already replied you over your support. ticket. Please check your support ticket.

Not able to see the Login/Password to use with your Preview

Hello, You can click on the ‘Login as Admin/Staff’ button which is available on the login page.

Hi – your demo doesn’t seem to work – do you mind checking it please? I am looking for a start-up script which allows me not to develop things from scratch, but rather duplicate modules where necessary. Thanks in advance

We are on leave. Will get back to you on 21st feb

Hello. I bought a licence and installed it. But still going to /install page. What can i do? Can i reinstall with same licence?

there’s a problem. i couldn’t do it. i submitted form but wants to login every time. but not sending. give me an email please.

I send an email to your support email. Please answer quickly.

I can see that you have installed the application.

Hi – I tried to add 2 tickets with your support system, but it keeps throwing me to the login screen, even though I AM logged in.

I hope you can assist me this way please:

I keep getting this error now and then. When I do, I have to remove cookies. What is this error about? Thanks

Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

It was temporary issue with our support portal. Now it is fixed.

Hi – I tried to add 2 tickets with your support system, but it keeps throwing me to the login screen, even though I AM logged in.

I hope you can assist me this way please:

When I upload a logo it resizes it to a smaller thumbnail. How can I modify the size of the thumbnail?

Thank you

We have already replied you in our support system.

i am getting this error “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” with a fresh install with php7

Can you please make sure that you have key generated in .env file. If not you can run

php artisan key:generate

and then try to proceed. If you still face any issues, then you can raise ticket at http://support.wmlab.in

demo isn’t working. “opps, something went wrong”

Can you please provide us detail where did you get this error?

Cannot install using Laravel Valet… error said “Already used in one location”...how can i release it with the valet url “http://mysite.dev”? “http://mysite.dev/release_license” is not working… Thanks

Please raise a ticket at support.wmlab.in with your purchase code.

Hello, did this script will work with MSSQL database? like i don’t have to modify many code for it’s work?

i know how to connect mssql (i’m laracast member too) but i’m asking if no need change few code line in the entire source ? because some dev edit controllers and thing for work only with mysql query that why i’m asking about if you changed things or not :)

if you check Sximo => even if it’s build with laravel => you need month for make the script work on mssql because the author manage to edit many script with mysql query so if you try install it on mssql it wont work.

as author, you should give me an answer…. not redirect me on laracast for check mssql connection on database lolll?? my question was if your script work on mssql database..

Where i will get complete installation and integration with laravel 5.4. Please assist. when i have executed command composer update it’s getting error.

Can you please raise your issue at http://support.wmlab.in ?

Hi there, i bought larafy from codecanyon and its amazing but in settings when login with username option going to true in login page we always have error : “email is required”. thanks

Can you please raise a ticket at support.wmlab.in along with your purchase code, ftp account and application login details?

i have problem with support.wmlab.in. when i try to submit ticket, page redirect to login page ;| . im using this app in my local computer if you sure this option is works, so maybe im doing something wrong. i just have question this option is working for you ?

You can mail us at support@wmlab.in

I receive the Whoops, looks like something went wrong. error. I have generate a key and changed the database settings in the .env file and imported the .sql file into the database.

I am running in on XAMPP for php 7.1

What is the problem, because it is an clean installation?

Maybe it is because the database is still empty, but what do I need to fill in?

Please read the documentation carefully at http://support.wmlab.in/support/solutions/folders/17000098173. You need not to import sql file yourself. The installation wizard will import it for you.

When I go to i have the same error

Please delete everything and start from scratch. You may need to run “php artisan key:generate” once before starting installation. Then you have to follow the steps and need not to perform any other thing from your own.


olgerng Purchased

wmlabs, esto es una mierda para instalar y me parece que con tanta proteccion que le ponen fuera gran cosa y no lo es, hay mejores y a menos de menos valor sin tanta cosa complicada para instalar. Creo que es un robo y un atentado contra las buenas practicas del desarrollo de aplicaciones. Pague por algo que no he podido instalar y tampoco tiene documentación para hacerlo.

Creo que me han robado mi dinero, compre algo que no sirve para una mierda.