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Venewood Purchased

its possible use infinite scroll not pagination?


JustinIlj Purchased

Hello, I didn’t receive any response for my ticket #305 already for 2 days….

I bought these script couple days ago and try to install it to on my VPS that also running few Wordpress sites and I went through all the server requirements, follow all the steps after spent many hours to configure, testing and at the end still getting some server errors which I can’t figure out and I don’t want to break my other sites at that point.

I think running the Laravel app on the standard Linux server is quite tricky, then I read the posts here about their official hosting partner JONAHOST.COM

For the starter plan $3.99, I gave them a try, so just head to their site to signup their starter plan and ask them to install the LaraClassified for me.

After two hours, all completed, my site is up and running, everything working perfectly and loading FAST, I’m very happy with their services.

I’m not an affiliate with them if you have problem install the script like me. I suggest to give it a try and it will save you a lot of trouble and frustration.


why is the roles and permisions not even used ? tables exist but not used in the code to manage users..

Hi there, I’m interested in buying this script, but I need to know that is it customizable ?? like I need some extra functionality in User type, extra fields for each category and chat option.

if it is customizable and I can customize it according to my need, then em ready to buy it.

Reply ASAP.


Hi shazzi6296,

As one of the buyer, I can say “YES”, it is just an application using PHP/JS and Lavaral framework, the source code is editable, so you can customize to whatever you want as long as you have the programming knowledge.

Hope that help.


Venewood Purchased

Hello, nice job! please add a messagin system between users…! for consult about ads!... the mail its good, but woulbe interesting messagin system…. ! one more question: Its possible disable the token users ads?


Good script.

in future is it possible to connect the website with Android and Ios app using Ionic ?

Thank You/

There are now better script on market than this…this is without searchable filtera advanced for specifix categories…. without sms payment …without chat messaging system….without good search filters and many more….without more featured ada in homepage like trending ads etc…

I want to password protect the admin folder through Cpanel, could someone tell me where is the actual admin folder I should point to?


There are problems with hosted, OVH How to install Type shared hosting


I would suggest you go to the hosting and let them install for you as long as you provide them the purchase code.

It saved me a lot of time and trouble trying to configure the server on my digital ocean VPS.

Hope that help

Hi support,

I had seen a feature listed here about the new version coming out posted a month ago.

===== Hello,

A new version coming soon!

There are many new features, among others: - Sending SMS with Twilio and Nexmo - User registration with mobile phone number only (without email address) - Simplification of the ad creation form : Admin users can activate city selection only - The upload module has been improved : Users can upload their photos by a simple drag and drop - Modular home page : Admin users can activate/deactivate and reorder the different blocks of the home page - Meta tags are now available in all languages (for global pages) - To name but a few…


Any idea when the version out? it seems a lot of improvements in the new version.



Kisssssss Purchased

After long time I went to my website, I am trying to go to admin panel but site gives Page not found message. I tried to visit but does not work and then I tried that also does not work and gives page not found message. Then I logged in through login box by using my admin login details and I am logged in to main public website but inside there I can not see any option where I can go to admin panel.

Anyone is facing this strange issue?

By look at the last post here from the author is a month ago, does it means the author won’t answer any questions here anymore? I see it said author no longer support the product on the item details page?


Khaver Purchased

Hi, how can I clear letters? There is a strange line on the letter “a” ā

Weird Characters… Here is how my cities look like..

Hyderabad Gujrānwāla Peshawar Quetta Muzaffarābād Kotli Islamabad Bahāwalpur Sargodha More cities »

no have STORE? and APP NATIVE?