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@bedegit Please update the Changlog file so we can see what’s exactly changed.

@GraphicsResearchGroup that is true, what matter is it works fine for this new version after installing it locally the sub-categories show up after selecting the top category.

Hi, The changelog is now updated.

Changelog says last update 3rd November, but I got an email says there is new update. Please confirm if the script has new update or the email was by mistake? If the update is really out then it means changelog is not update :)

Hi, The changelog is now updated.

Thanks bro :)

have offert for black friday?


We just made a Black Friday price. Promotion until November 25th.


OK very Good my friend

I would like a change before buying, you may do it to me after I bought the script

it’s working normal, very nice

Thank you.

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What is this error ?

A recommendation for a future update in the header: Put the smallest height header so you have better vision on small screen because very tall height takes up a lot of space and is more beautiful and organized small

and this under the head to

the right side that when you scroll down it stays fixed

the footer has a lot of empty space is very high and is also to