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Interesting Work! Congratulations :)

Thank you for your consideration ;)

fantastic work, very cool ! i wish you best sales for the upcoming week :) ;)

Wow thanks! This is my first sale on Envato, I wish too! :D Btw thanks for your comment!

May want to double check your site. The virus scanner NOD32 is blocking it. Maybe just how you got input fields created, but it’s still preventing previewing.

That’s so strange, there are no input fields for user infos, that’s weird! Maybe the server provider?

Possible, not sure what their scanner checks for to determine a phishing site. I’d definitely try to contact them or search around for others that have reported similar issues.

If you’re using any 3rd party scripts, or lines of code, you may want to ensure that they’re trustworthy, and not compromised.

Wonderful Job! Congratulations :)

Thanks dude!

Amazing work. best of luck :)

Thanks for all ;)

Hello. I hope you have great sales on this site. Follow me too :)


alerma Purchased

How can I select language without the select form? just using an ahref link. Is it possible?

Hi alerma, currently is not possible but if you need it I can do it for you, just send me an email to nicolacastellanidev@gmail.con with the request


alerma Purchased

Hi Nicola, I just sent you an email right now. Thanks!

can i use it in any my php script

can i do the same

Yes you can, just simply create a “root” language with language dedicated keys in lmconfig.json:

{ “settings”: { “langs”: “root”, “defaultLang”: “root”, “forcedLang”: “root”, “manageResponsive”: { “large”: 1600, “medium”: 700, “small”: 500 }, “waitBeforeRefreshScreenSize”: 100, “cacheLanguage”: true }, “dictionary”: { “demo1_it”: { “default”: { “root”: “Lorem Ipsum Dolor IT” }, “large”: { “root”: “Lorem Ipsum Dolor IT” }, “medium”: { “root”: “Lorem Ipsum Dolor IT” }, “small”: { “root”: “Lorem Ipsum Dolor IT” } }, “demo1_en”: { “default”: { “root”: “Lorem Ipsum Dolor EN” }, “large”: { “root”: “Lorem Ipsum Dolor EN” }, “medium”: { “root”: “Lorem Ipsum Dolor EN” }, “small”: { “root”: “Lorem Ipsum Dolor EN” } } } }

By this way you have only 1 language (root) and you can create different html elements with _lang dedicated labels in the same page