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Hi there,

I like your plugin much, I’m planning to purchase it, when I tried to view the Live Demo on my Iphone 5 there is a problem on Landscape view and it keeps on loading the site infinite loop, I can only see days hr etc.. without the numbers, viewing on Portrait there is no problem.


Hi code_ilnegozio thx alot for your feedback. this shouldn’t happen. we will have a look at it.

Hi, thats great plugin, i haved installed the plugins and chance text. active to enable and it’s nothing happening. i read your Guideline and its very easy to setup. Why dont working my webseite? not page and themes from standart Wordpress. Thanks

now it’s ok. i must logget out, then this work

Hi, Can I disable or remove the countdown? script.js this textfield “countdown” to delete? Thanks

hi sc8 thx alot for purchasing Landr. Here’s how to remove the countdown. go to: landr_template.php and open the file. within the file search for: <div class="fit-counter"> some content ... </div> now either remove the div or comment it: <!-- <div class="fit-counter"> some content ...</div> -->

that’s it. the countdown is removed. We’d highly appreciate if you could rate us five stars;) thx alot and enjoy the plugin!

Hello! I’ve tried to upload the plugin to my wordpress hosted account and it keeps saying plug in failed. What should I do?

we’ll implement it for you

Alright, I’ll check it when its finished. Thank you!

Hey jfarrier91,

i changed some things and implemented the scaling in your plugin….better would be a picture that is wider than long, but i hope it fits your needs.

if you liked our support, please feel free to rate us 5 stars ;)

Best, Thomas

Hello! Work well with the last WP version? Thanks !

hi barreoblique thx alot for buying Landr. Yes it should work fine.

hello, thank you for the plugin, I have 2 questions if you may help

1- Is there a code where i could display an image (png logo) above the main message?

2- was wondering ,if there is a way to add breaks between sentences tp separate them in different paragraphs?

Thank you

Hi brandableagency,

thx alot for buying Landr. Sorry but i need to ask for more details:

1- do you want to insert the image directly in the content area in the options or do you want to know which html-code you have to insert directly in the template?

2- I dont know i f i get this correctly either, but you could just use < p >< / p > , if i’m wrong, please provide an example!

Thanks in advance Thomas

Hello guys, I just have bought the plugin but im having issues with adding images in the message, can you help me with this issue?

sending info to your email

Hi milkzore,

thx alot for buying Landr! Thanks for submitting all the information, i will have a look!


Hi milkzore,

i managed to fix this issue for you, there was a problem with the wordpress text-editor. If you liked our support, feel free to rate us 5 stars ;)

Cheers, Thomas

Still up to date? :)

Hi barreoblique,

do you experience any problems? I am happy to help you out!

Cheers, Thomas

no… not installed. Just asking. Because some version of WordPress passed.