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How many variables (Variable 1 [var1]) is the maximum amount I can use?

You can add an unlimited amount of variables. Note! when you use over 150 pages you will get a notification that your system might get slow. WordPress and your server simply can’t handle 1000 pages simultaneously on the server. If they do theres a chance they will bring other users on the server at risk. So watch the server load when creating a high number of landing pages.

Can i edit the permalink structure?

Yes, you can edit the permalink structure. You can do this by ‘Settings -> Landingpages‘. There are a number of permalink variables supported. These are: year , monthnum , day , hour , minute , second , post_id , category , author

Is the plugin compatible with the ‘All in One SEO Plugin‘?

Yes. To activate this plugin you need to follow a few steps. Go to the options of the ‘All in One SEO Plugin‘. Activate the option: “SEO for Custom Post Types:“. After that select the following options with the tap “column support”: landingpagetemplate, landingpage. Now you can use the landingpages plugin with All in One SEO.

Why doesn’t the plugin act right to my landing pages?

Probably you didn’t save the permalinks settings. For proper functionality of the plugin you need to save the first time in the installation. To do this go to Settings -> Landing Pages and save the settings.

Is the plugin compatible with the Yoast SEO Plugin?

Yes. The plugin landingpages is fully compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin.

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