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Nice work gud luck

Thank you! ;)


Pinki Purchased


Is possible to show the name of the town by geo IP?

Example :

Also is possible have an option for video background instead?

Lastly is possible to match the mobile homepage to desktop screen etc.?


Pinki Purchased

ok thanks ! great job with all the updates!


Also, the desktop homepage will automatically redirect to the mobile homepage (if that’s what you meant by your last question)

Good luck with selling! :)


whats the logic behind the like and unlike feature? am i liking the photo or am i linking the profile? and what happens when i like or dislike? is there a message sent to the liked person? also how’s the script converted into a mobile app?

By liking in Encounters, you are liking the profile itself. Same happens when disliking. The user gets an notification that you have liked him, but he does not get a notification if you dislike him. Likes and Dislikes also increase/decrease the “Score” of the user.

Good luck with sales!


İ wil buy landing page if you added layout 2.9 is better that you have 2 different layout

fantastic work, very nice ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you :)

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Do I have to install the landing page to my main domain first? For example, if the matchme script is already installed do I have to uninstall it for the landing page to be on the main domain?


You have to install it after you have installed the script. It’s perfectly fine for the script to be already installed.


Hi, for the facebook app registrarion, do need some special aprovement from facebook?

Hi, no approvement from Facebook is required.

required – no working…


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We will be releasing an update for the landing page very soon, as well as releasing a new one. Stay tuned.

good job , i think you need to add more important langauges,eg spanish,arabic and many more and also let it be auto change language based on the ip that open the website

if you add arabic language to script with rtl version im ready to be the first buyer

Hi, you are posting on the wrong script?