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Hello agordn, Dou u integrate other payment methods, I need to use MercadPago payment method and I woul like a cost estimation.

Thank you

Hi, thanks for getting in touch.

Yeah we can provide a quotation for you.

Could you send us a direct message on our profile? Hope that’s ok :)

Hi, we r so thankful to the label team to create such a wonderful app we much appreciate you guys keep it up. I have one question is it possible can we show in category section category name and pic of the category instead of text only?

Hi, no problem, glad you like it, we’ve got plenty of updates coming soon so it’ll only get better!

Re. Changing the category text to an image. Yes, this is something we could change in your app version. We can quote you the total for us to make the changes.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, feel free to drop a message on our profile.

Hope that’s OK :)


We have no experience with IOS Apps or development is it easy to set-up. Would you be able to assist in connecting it to our WooCommerce store?



Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Yeah, we have made it easy you to get your Woocommerce store connected easily.

To connect your store, you’ll need to change one of the config files we provide with the app. If you get stuck and need some help feel free to get in touch.

We’ll be able to assist you with connecting your store, hope that’s OK :)


vvraj Purchased

Hello Agordn,

we have purchase this for both android and ios script. and configure the code but getting 401 error in product listing .

for woocomerce version we are using: 3.3.1

we have already configure at wordpress side:

Json Api Json Api USer Json Api Auth in root folder added “labelweb” folder and updated config file with consumerkey and consumer secret. also added Lable app wordpress plugin as well.

so please let me know how can i make working of my both application in both android and ios i am getting same error.

Here is base url:

Thank you, Kuldip


Thanks for getting in touch.

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the setup. We can arrange a Skype/TeamViewer to see what’s causing the 401, it might be an easy fix in the config file.

Please leave a message on our profile and we’ll get back to you asap.

Hope that’s OK :)

Hi, am interested in purchasing your app. I just have a few questions. 1, Which license will I need, the app will be free to download but obviously users will be purchasing items/goods? 2, Does this work on IPad also? 3, How much would it cost to setup Push Notifications? 4, Can I use the template multiple times or once app is published I have to purchase another template?

I’ll look forward to your response. Thanks


Thanks for the comment.

1. Sorry, I didn’t understand the question, users will be able to products which you have listed on your Woocommerce store.

2. We have used adaptive layouts so it will work on iPad’s but it’s not designed to work with larger devices.

3. We have another app in our portfolio which is features push notifications it might be worth checking it out?

4. You would have the full source code so you’ll be able to use it in any way you want :)

Hope that answers most of your questions if you have any other queries feel free to drop us a message on our profile.

Hi there I bought this script and have done all the configuration as mentioned in the documentation but when I try to run it in the simulator by clicking on Play Button I am getting error messages as: Label Project Group Swift Conversion Group Conversion to Swift 4 is available

Label Group Swift Compiler Error Group /Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Pods/Headers/Public/PayPal-iOS-SDK/PayPalMobile.h:1:1: Expected identifier or ‘(‘ /Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Label/Label-Bridging-Header.h:9:9: ‘Stripe/Stripe.h’ file not found Failed to emit precompiled header ’/Users/working/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Label-ekkeqwolocyedpcrlggbytoodrrw/Build/Intermediates.noindex/PrecompiledHeaders/Label-Bridging-Header-swift_364P8G3U2FE6O-clang_1NOMW8VQSC1I0.pch’ for bridging header ’/Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Label/Label-Bridging-Header.h’

Hi, thanks for your comment.

I can see the problem. You have opened the wrong file in the package :)

You need to open the xcworkspace project in the package. Also to note, it does say this in our documentation, feel free to get in touch though if you are struggling.

We are here to help

Hi there thanks for a quick response, I opened xcworkspace and when I compile it I get following errors:

Label Workspace Group Swift Conversion Group Conversion to Swift 4 is available Pods project Group Validate Project Settings Group /Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Pods/Pods.xcodeproj Update to recommended settings MotionAnimation Group Swift Compiler Warning Group /Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Pods/MotionAnimation/MotionAnimation/Types.swift:84:17: Overlapping accesses to ‘values’, but modification requires exclusive access; consider copying to a local variable /Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Pods/MotionAnimation/MotionAnimation/Types.swift:84:36: Conflicting access is here ElasticTransition Group Swift Compiler Warning Group /Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Pods/ElasticTransition/ElasticTransition/Util.swift:30:26: ‘M_PI’ is deprecated: Please use ‘Double.pi’ or ’.pi’ to get the value of correct type and avoid casting. Spring Group Swift Compiler Warning Group /Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Pods/Spring/Spring/Misc.swift:26:42: ‘characters’ is deprecated: Please use String or Substring directly /Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Pods/Spring/Spring/Misc.swift:75:25: ‘characters’ is deprecated: Please use String or Substring directly

Label Group Swift Compiler Error Group /Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Pods/Headers/Public/PayPal-iOS-SDK/PayPalMobile.h:1:1: Expected identifier or ‘(‘ Failed to emit precompiled header ’/Users/working/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Label-fsednunbwgbcgpddokleexwtjjmn/Build/Intermediates.noindex/PrecompiledHeaders/Label-Bridging-Header-swift_MMUB5ME2D8I8-clang_1NOMW8VQSC1I0.pch’ for bridging header ’/Users/working/Desktop/LabelIOS/App/Label/Label/Label-Bridging-Header.h’

Hi, it still looks like you’re opening the “xcodeproj” file rather than the “xcworkspace” file.

I’ve just received your email so I’ll get back to you on there for more support.

Hope that’s ok :)

Does it support 1,000 products?

Hi, thanks for the comment. I think we have spoken before? I’ve got you on Skype so I’ll message you on there. Hope that’s ok :)


nionet Purchased

i need to remove all the payment methods from the app , my website is based on COD so if u can’t help me add COD then tell me how to remove the hole section of payment from the order page

Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Send us a message via our CodeCanyon profile so we can help you with your query.

Here’s our profile You can send us a message and will get back to you :)

Hello Sir, i just purchased your app template, i would like to ask you if your app supports Multilingual site. i have my woocommerce store in two languages, so will it be possible to add like a language switcher or something in the app or configure to run according the device language?

thank you.

i bought the android version, sorry i posted this comment here by mistake, i will copy to the android app page.


Oh ok no worries, I’ve just seen your email and replied back :)

Good morning, If I implement a website with woocommerce, it work ? and If I use a multi market, does it work ? I use a website with woocommerce and dokan. Thank you

Morning, yeah it will work 100% with Woocommerce stores, customers will see all your products and be able to purchase them using one of the pre-installed payment gateways (Stripe,Paypal,Apple pay). I’m happy to demo it to you, I know you might have a few questions.

Could you send me a message via our profile and I will get back to you with our contact details –

Thanks :)


atwatwx Purchased

Hello, I’m having problems with the app, just did everything u said on the documentation but I’m getting this error: can you please help, btw I’m opening the label.xcworkspace file, thanks.

Morning, oh it looks like you are opening the wrong file. It’s ok, I can help you get started, could you please send us a message via our profile and I will get back to you as soon as possible –

Thanks :)

I want to buy but want to clear first 1.Does your app can integrate with woocommerce wordpress? 2.Did you give me full source code? No monthly charge? 3.this app host in my appstore or your server? 4.Can i customize this after bought by my team? 5. When woocommerce update, it effect my app or not? 6. Have push notinication or not?

Yeah that’s right, it’s easy to manage with Woosignal because there is no backend code you need to deal with when the app is live on the app store.

If you want another option, we have two here: -


i don’t see what different between Label Pro and Label Store for only Label Pro has push notification. both version not use woosignal right? I don’t want third party service. clearly i want mobile app integrate with wordpress woocomerce API direct. Please recommend me which one is better? kindly

Hi, I replied to the email you sent me

Has this been upgraded to Swift 4 yet?

Hi there, it’s currently on Swift 3.2 Hope that helps :)

Hello, I saw in a previous comment that you were to set up a payment gateway for Mercado Pago, do you already have integration with this Brazilian gateway? I use a woo plugin to sell photo printing, so in the product the customer can upload the photos for printing. Does it work in your app for the client to open the photos on the phone and upload?

Hi there,

The our App supports Stripe, PayPal and ApplePay for its gateway currently. We don’t have Mercado Pago unfortunately and if you needed that feature adding we could quote you.

Hope that helps :)

OK, and when the client can send a photo of his cell phone, is it possible by the APP?

It’s not a feature the app currently has sorry :)

Dear Support Team,

I am interested in your product and I have some questions related to it.

What exactly I will receive after I buy the product?

Do you will give me the source code? so I can make my own customization?

Do you have configuration/development documentation?

What is the Tools and programming languages you use in developing this product?

Did you use the API of wordpress and woocommerce?

What exactly the features that the application covered from woocommerce features?

Is your product support multiple languages?

Is your product support RTL languages?

Hi, I can answer the questions via Skype or email :) If you send us a message via our profile I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, thanks –

Hello, I have a few questions.

1) Will this app work with all the plugins i will have?

Multi-Vendor Wallet System Rewards System Anti Fraud system

The issue I see is to integrate your payment checkout to the wallet system as my marketplace will be on a fully escrow basis system.

2) Can reskinning of the UI be done on your end for me for a price?

Hi there,

Out the box it will work with WooCommerce but not all the plugins you have mentioned. If you need a custom integration feel free to get in touch via our profile for support – :)

Can I have your skype userid so we can talk more over there?

Emailed you the SkypeID, speak soon :)