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Hi, i like your script and would love to ask if you do customization. i will love to buy then integrate it to an existing site.

Hello sir its great to here from you, please write us mail to about the customization you are looking for. We will be supporting you the best we can do as per your requirements.

Hello, Is there an invoicing function?

Hi, we have provided only manual updation for payment status so there is no payment gateway. for that reason we didn’t provide any invoice system but if you want general invoice based on appointment status we can customize it for you.

Thanks for your reply, I would suggest the following - Billing functionality which include printing invoice (with or without payment gateway). - Printing of appointment to the customer, sending SMS and/or email of it. - Ability of entering reports/analysis of the patients (customized or even in form [title:value]).

Hello ghaly thanks for your valuable feedback, for sure we will upgrade the functionalities specified by you in the next version of the product.

thanks.can you add sms module ?

Hi, currently we are working on the second version of this product but we are not implementing sms module as common module. if you need it on demand we can customize it for you. for more information you can write us mail at . forward looking to support you.

Please give us rating if you like the product :grin: .

hi , In this module do you have LAB Report and multiple LAB Test should come on LAB Report with full header and footer.. Please suggest …

Hi Sir, we didn’t get what you are asking. please write us mail clearly to , forward looking to support you.

Hi, I haven’t used this type of software, however one of my friend is interested to buy it for his lab. I was wondering, how would it look to customer when we have installed on our site. How can they search and download their reports online. I hope you’ve got my point.

Looking forward to hear soon from you.

Have a great day.

Hi, the application has been designed for administration purpose. We don’t have option to get online appointment booking from customer end because we don’t have any user registrations.

Forward looking to support on demand customization.

I have already sent an email but still waiting for response.

heloo sir,i want to buy this project..can u give me information about this project . thanks

Hi, this script will help you to manage all your appointments of the diagnostic center. The admin or staff can book appointments and can upload the reports. on uploading the report you will have facility to send report to appointment mail id. and you can check the total number of appointments and revenue generated today or on particular date.

i want some change in that project,,,i want there sould be two modules one is admin and other is patient module..patient will registerd and login after login he made appointment ,view his appointment ,logout,in admin module admin will done all the work that u have in that script excep make appointments.appointments should booked by user ..


Good day to you.

Can I know whether this system is multi company and multi user ? (I mean could many different companies open individual account here ?)


Hi, this script is only for diagnostic center for appointments administration purpose there is no multi company sign up or authorization.


1. How can we create different custom roles ?

2. Can we edit / develop all the files as we need ?

3. Can we white lable under our name and logo ?

4. How to change the logo ?

5. How can we add the SMTP details of a different email providers ?


1) There is no facility to create new roles only the system defined roles can access the system 2) Yes you can customize as per your requirement but once if it is customized no longer we can support if we find any errors in the functionality of the software. 3) Yes you can write your name under the logo 4) There is no logo option given but if you want to change the name to logo write us a customization mail @ 5) You can find email settings where you can configure the email credentials


Purchased your system and installed the files.

Entered the database details and find the below error message;

“Not Found

The requested URL /auth/account/sign_in was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Please tell me how to correct the installation issue.

Best Regards,

Hello, we are happy to help you please forward installation path URL to we will replicate to check what the problem is and try to resolve it.

The demo is not working, fix it.

Hi, The demo has been fixed :)

When i try to add a test it says “This is a demo version,test cannot be added”, consequently i cannot add a new appointment, etc

I want to buy the software LABOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. I have two questions. stock control management series? I give Turkish language support. Do you have a language file? Thank you.

Hi, currently the script support only for English language. In the next versions of the product we are trying to implement for other languages as well. :)

Thank you so much. I will buy the software. However, it should be multi-language support. I can support Turkish language. When will the new version.

Your script is great man, but i have few questions i want to clear before buying your script is that the portal user (Role) will only able to see its own appointments and reports or it check other users data too? And admin can check all users reports and appointments?

or if a user can see other users data too then after buying your script can i restrict a user to only check his own data? and can i also change the user roles names like admin to main branch and user to laboratories or lab.

Hi, currently all appointments can be accessed by other users as well if the user is having appointments access permissions. However, we can restrict programmatically if required. Also, currently we have predefined system roles where we cannot change the role name. we are working to give access to change in role name in next versions of the product. :)

Hey, amazing script, my client is looking for this , are you available for freelance?

Thanks Digi, Currently I’m scheduled with 2 version of this product and cannot give any commitment to you. Thanks for your intrest.

Where is the option to send results to the patient by email? I can’t see it on the demo…

Hi Prolifictek, Just wondering when will your update be out, and will the billing system be implemented in the new update. What are the other features you will be adding to the updated version?

Is there a way we can add the values instead of uploading the report?

Awaiting your reply.

Demo is not working. Your Domain is expired.

Do you have a working demo online?