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what class ?

http://kwolla-social-network.tenderapp.com/ this the most active support for kwolla :D I think most of you will post and anyone will try to solve problems.

i am completely and utterly LOST about this script? does it even still exist? or is there some type of buffoonery going on here?

This script is simply a waste of money. Not only is the author, out of touch and money motivated, the website for this script is no longer in existence and I couldn’t get my users to register without some kind of scripting error appearing on the screen, thank you for wasting my money and I hope you choke on it, thanks for nothing! :)

Do you have a demo page?


Is this still in development? I really really would like to see a demo, but there is nothing there, and when I followed a link from google it goes to some holding page..

can you please put a demo back up



demo dead and nobody has demo? can’t buy product just from screenshot…


Does it can works for working projects group?

Demo or showcase available?

I would really like to purchase but i’ve looked everywhere for a demo. Does anyone have one up? OR know of any I can see?

this project is dead, has not been updated since 2011

So is this project really dead and gone?

Yes its gone :D

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