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Just bought the calendar and are there files or instructions on how to pull events from mysql?

Hi todaystxcountry thanks for purchase – for some reason only just been notified so apologies for ‘late reply’ OK, what you ask is very easy, I am just updating the actual demo web page and all the options/instructions are there, BUT in the meantime you create a callback in options like so:

eventBookingCallBack:function(data){ data.eventcost, data.eventdate, data.title }

Where data is the callback responce – you would pull from MySql like so (assuming using pdo) usung the oprion eventsList:{ // an array of events // } })

jQuery.getJSON("http://your url/script_page_name.php?callback=?",function(data){
                  var events = data

and you MySql query should be something like this

if(isset($_GET[‘callback’] )){ $stmt = $dbh->prepare(“SELECT id_field AS eventid, as UNIX_TIMESTAMP_MS(eventdate_field) AS eventdate,title_field AS title,image_field AS image,text_field AS text,class_field as Class,location AS location,bookable AS bookable FROM events_list_table”); $stmt->execute(); $row = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); $data = json_encode($row); echo $_GET[‘callback’] . ‘(’ . $data . ‘)’; }

Please note – the use of jsonP callback – e.g. callback=? This is included as sometimes Chrome depending on version and your host does not like getJSON without.

Hope this helps


Nice work, good job! all the best for your sales ;)

Hi Social Material, thanks for your comment

Hi, it wil be good if you can create the calendar for php and admin panel.

Hi studiovip – calendar for php and admin panel – sure not too difficult to do ‘few hours work’ nothing else as ‘virtually’ all written anyhow in testing problem – if that’s what you want to call it – is what features would you want as my experience is that people always want different features hence just the plugin. If you JUST want a very simple ‘login -> admin page i.e. set event/upload image etc and ‘nothing else’ can do that very very quickly it’s more ‘what additional’ features would you want in admin? Best thing might be to mail me (on profile page) with an outline – as you prob. know it can take a few days to get approval on code canyon for an updated/new product – much is the pity – but very happy to put a ‘basic’ php package together for you (as long as not too far from basic if you understand Thanks for comment .. look forward to hearing from you

Hi – are there any developments on creating an admin panel? The users I would be creating this for have no html knowledge at all, so a simple UI would be amazing. Thx

Thank you for the quick reply. My knowledge of coding is very basic – and I expect my users to be even less – I was wondering if there was an easier way to input the data (date/img/text etc) – instead of needing to edit the html all the time.. perhaps some form of admin panel, or even parsing directly google sheets/docs? . I have a small team of people which would need to update the calendar frequently, but would not be able to edit the html themselves without breaking it :) any suggestions? Perhaps something like this?

PS . apart from this, loving you software so far.

Alex – working from Google Spreadsheet not a problem, like wise nor is admin panel etc. There are a number of other issues combine with this again likewise not a problem – but to give you best advice/solution for your users can you give me an idea how will be used etc – as said there are many solutions the important thing is which is best for you/your usees.


If I want to get and show event by ajax from month change, how can I implement it?

Hi again ives999 – OK, now ‘fully see’ how you are ‘pulling’ the info 2 things spring to mind are you returning as a json string? e.g.

$statement = $dbh->prepare(SELECT,a.title,a.create_on,a.member_id,a.start,a.end FROM calendar a WHERE DATE_FORMAT(start,’%Y-%m’)=’$y-$m’); $statement->execute(); $row = $statement->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); echo json_encode($row);

Or are you pulling the rows as a ‘standard’ query?

The ‘problem’ I see is that the query ‘restricts’ the date period hence your need/use of AJAX there are 2 solutions:

1 – adapt your query to:

$statement = $dbh->prepare(SELECT,a.title,a.create_on,a.member_id,a.start,a.end FROM calendar”); $statement->execute(); $row = $statement->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); echo json_encode($row);

That would create a JSON string that can feed directly into the eventList option using an Ajax call like:

jQuery.getJSON("http://your url/script_page_name.php?callback=?",function(data){
                 var events = data

eventsList:{ events }


2 – add a callback within the actual plugin that fires an ajax request on ‘navigation’ I can quickly do that but my only thought on this route is the frequency of month navigation by users – you might be firing a lot of ‘unnecessary’ calls to the DB as obviously each navigation would fire a new call. OK can/could understand if you have 1000’s of events but ‘option 1’ would be perfectly acceptable for 100’s the JSON string would not be that ‘big’

Anyhow, if you let me know which you ‘prefer’ will adapt a plugin script for you and ‘send over’


I’m not understand your solution clearly, I paste my code as follow:

php for ajax $y = empty($_GET['y'])?Date::getToday_y():$_GET['y']; $m = empty($_GET['m'])?Date::getToday_m():$_GET['m']; //This call will fetch rows from database. $events = $this->getModel()->getEventByYearAndMonth($y, $m, true, true); //This will transfor data for calendar $arr = array(); foreach ($events as $v){ array_push($arr, array('eventdate'=>$v['start_timestamp'],'title'=>$v['title'],'image'=>$v['featured'],'text'=>$v['content'],'class'=>'kwik-bg-booking')); } $res = json_encode($arr); echo $res; exit; javascript for calendar var y = '<?=$data['y']?>'; var m = '<?=$data['m']?>'; var options = { defaultLang: 'zh_tw', headerBackground:'#FFCA28', eventBookingCallBack:function(data){ alert('The eventBookingCallback returns all event data passed via the eventsList option for the specific event as data.field e.g:\r\n Cost: '+ data.eventcost+'\r\n'+moment(parseInt(data.eventdate)).format('HH:mm dddd Do MMMM YYYY')+'\r\n'+data.title+'\r\nThis data could be passed to a form for processing - may be a modal the choice is yours' ) }, featuredEvent: { 'eventid':'the event id','eventdate':'1483070975036', 'title':'The event title', 'image':'/imgs/calendar/featured.png', 'text':'The event description', 'eventcost':'20.50' }, featuredEventCallback:function(data){ alert('The featuredEventCallback returns all event data passed via the eventsList option for the specific event as data.field e.g:\r\n Cost: '+ data.eventcost+'\r\n'+moment(parseInt(data.eventdate)).format('HH:mm dddd Do MMMM YYYY')+'\r\n'+data.title+'\r\nThis data could be passed to a form for processing - may be a modal the choice is yours' ) }, monthRowHeight:'100', eventLocationKey:'AIzaSyBh5-ggBOC7ng0hm-Iit7mNxwguyJ3528A' }; $(document).ready(function(){ get_event(y, m); }); function get_event(y, m){ $.get(window.location.pathname, { do: 'get_event', y:y, m:m, ajax: 1 }, function(res){ res = JSON.parse(res); options.eventsList = res; jQuery('#calendar').kwikEventsCalendar(options); }, 'JSON'); }

How can I fix to complete my request?

Hi ives9999 just got this and ‘actually got up’ will copy, cut and paste and recreate for you shortly

Congratulation , Good Luck With Many Sales My Bro

Thanks for the comment.


hi basictechy – events are added via a JSON object so in the ‘demo’ you cannot add events – the calendar is a plugin assuming people have their own ‘event feed’ say from a database, spreadsheet JSON object etc. Does that answer your question?


Forgot to say – If you need any more info please ask me

Nice looking calendar and i like that i can import/sync Google Calendar in it. In the example there is no option to goto the next month? in case people want to preview the upcoming events?

In the example there is no option to goto the next month? – ;there is’ you navigate via the arrows on the ‘side bar’ – so yes you cam. As for importing GCal. NP it’;s a JSON feed I do not supply the script as standard but do have one if you need.

Thank you for your reply and thank you for the offer! Would be very helpful

One other question though, the site says that the calendar is responsive but i have tested it on several displays and it does not seem to be responsive

Hi johnjohn that may be because the demo is trying to be responsive twice’ if you follow one the demo site THEN the calendar however I will check.

Cool! Good luck with sales!!!

Cheers AZ_tunes

Hi! i can’t find Filter option in scrypt

Thanks, got your support ticket – sorry,I rely on the support ticket system for support rather than the comments here hence delay. Have relied via the ticket – cheers

Does this calendar of yours do multi-day events? Or do you need to create the same event for each day that it is on?

Hi damann – sorry at present it does not BUT I have just rewritten the query so that it does and will be uploading and submitting to Envato in next few days

Firefox Windows (reduced window) but also on OnePlus3 Chrome and on responsive test

Hi any info on this ?

Hi Babahed – think if you check again you’ll see a difference BUT PLEASE NOTE and DON’T FORGET the responsinator does not pick up the true widths and heights of iPad/iPhone and Android that have device-pixel-ratio greater than 1 :)

Hi, in the update there are some files in the CSS folder missing. The implementation and the tutorial how to install the calender is unclear, because on codecanyon I can find only a kwik_event_calendar_v1_0_0 tutorial. And in the Downloads kwik_event_calendar_v2 without fonts and all css files.

Hi tsciacca – firstly thanks for the purchase, secondly think I have boobooed – if you email me (it’s in my profile page) as not sure if this will line work/be ‘published’ then I’ll send over the files

Do you provide the code to integrate with google calendars?

Hi John, I have emailed you with the info about google Calendars

is the look customizable? im looking for a very simple event calendar that allows for agenda views, that i can change the look of…

Hi BKX360 – sure you can change the look it’s ‘only CSS’ but if you purchase then need any help with that or anything i.e ‘simple’ view then contact me – e.g. I have script sat here (not yet added to the calendar) that links it directly to googleCalendars (public) / can send data to a google Sheet that also updates a googleCalendar. Basically hopefully the calendar is simple to customise, but if not just ask me

how can i demo this product. i like what i see in the screen shot

Demo is not working.

Demo is not working.

Hi Guys, opened a ticket four days ago, any chance you could have a look at that asap please?