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There is no share option?

No sorry for this there is only rate option available. Thanks for suggestion In Next update it will consider and put in it.

In Promo banner its mentioned so I asked it and I will buy once you update with SHARE. Thanks

OK Thanks

yes android and iPhone both app is same

Hi! I bought this code for ios and already sent it. I also gave you 5 stars for it! I have very little experience for Android apps. I sent twice. But now I can not send even as the Eclipse throws some errors(( If I buy this code, can you help me to configure in Eclipse without errors via Teamviewer ? Thank You Very Much!

please send me your teamviewer id pass at mail . hkinfoway@gmail.com

Thank you very much for what you all set up for me! You have amazing support and very quickly you do so. Now I’ll always buy from you. I wish you luck in sales and more new customers. I bet you 5 stars! It’s a pity that not 100:) They would be all your for all your help! Thank you very much for your help!


Good luck with sales


Game saves the score ?

yes save score :)

Where is Leaderboard bro? Nice game BTW.

there is no leaderboard integrated but if you need then contact on mail