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Do you have an ETA on the ios app? Also +1 to suli_designs request for accounting and pay plans. Also in-built support/forum would be ace. Thanks.

is possible to have user roles? the information that an employer insert cannot be visualised by another employer. nice job. good luck!

hi guys does this support different languages? i.e. right to left languages such as Arabic, Persian, etc.

Definitely one of the nicer looking project management systems right now, just a little lacking on the features.

I too am interested in an ETA on iOS release. Any news?

Also, a client permission to view their projects would be nice.

I am experiencing a bug that doesn’t allow me to work nicely with the script. I have sent you a private message.

Good afternoon, bearing in mind include the Spanish language in an update? Best regards!

Im having issues with a fresh install.. I sent an email to the address in the help files but basicaly the dashboard is all jumbled and information is overlapping other blocks

Hello, it’s probably a file permission issue. Please check that all the scripts have the right privileges. You can use any FTP app or your Cpanel.

We have updated the release with the right permission. Please re-download the files and try again.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

Kub_it, I tried to setup the script but received Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user ’’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) in /home2on line 122 Cant connect to database.

Check the database parameters and try again.


I can’t log in as admin on your demo…

Sorry for the inconvenience, we had a problem with the database. It’s fixed.


I am extremely interested in your system but would like to understand the mobile app a bit more, now would it be customised to view my portal and can it also be used so that clients can view their work orders?

I would also like to understand if the web portal / app is customisable so that our name / logo is displayed?

android app not working on 6.0 m

can you please show me demo, i am looking to purchase


Hi I just want to know have you got both apps up?


when I have created the database and log into the username and password login error messages appear

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is the project alive? i was wondering , where is the mobile app demo?

is this project alive? I´m interested in it but i cant open demo or something else and what is with the app?