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Hi thatsblogging,

How do I access the login page? Thanks

Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you so much :)

hi there, can u pls email me…need some help with a laravel script

Thank you so much

nice work but you should protect .env file via htaccess anyone can read db credentials.

Bundle of thanks it’s secure now.

Wow! Really Good work ! Just a suggestion….check button detail on portfolio images…Best regards!

Sure thanks for pointing out, i will take care of that.

Great work, good luck with sales!

Thank you so much!

HI. im realy struggling with this script. Im trying to install this but no luck. The video dosnt help at all, since I’m not using the same cp on my provider as u. and the way the import goes to the mysql is different then my cp there as well. atm i can’t install you script. can u help?

Sure send me your cp credentials i will setup for you.

- Ifti

Hello, Is it possible to have video background on the first home section? Also is it possible to add an indication(small icon in the bottom) that the user needs to slide down? + is it ok to edit the code or it is encrypted?

Thank you.

The code is not encrypted you can play with it. It is written in one of the most popular PHP framework Laravel with great care, so every thing is commented and well structured. Moreover in this version there is only image background at top section, we will add video background in the upcoming version, but if you need customization our services are available so you can hire us. Just shoot an email to

Nice work, I’m ready to purchase, but have a question, is there a way to export resume to a pdf?

Once you buy it, send me the purchase code and i will add it for you.

Oh great, thanks you so much, I will purchase now :)

Done, I send you an Email :)


Great work, ican it be use as a plugin?

No it’s a Laravel CMS, means you can install it on your server.

okai great, thank you

Hello, first of all, congratulating yourself on the script is incredible! Very good UX and awesome pixel. Super responsive and clean.

You can correctly install the script, but I did it in a folder on my web ( to work and customize the design, before publishing it.

Now the query: How can I do (once list) to publish it in the root directory of my site ( and access the web? Should I redirect the HTACCESS?

Kind regards!

For redirecting /public to root directory do the following steps. Must back up first please

is this item still supported?

Hey i have purchased this but i have question. why do i have to access my site with public folder??? for example my site working but when i type its not working… so i dont want to use thats not good idea.. how can i make it work on just…. thanks

I mailed you the steps, if any problem ping me back.


nice… will buy

Author please mail me at :-

any update