K-Restaurant Mobile App

K-Restaurant Mobile App

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K-Restaurant Mobile App is a complete solution for taking orders using mobile device, it has complete features that all restaurant needs.

K-restaurant is addon for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System which you can have your merchant its own ordering application, in short is to make KMRS as single restaurant.
The app connects tru json API.

Important: this is addon for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System which uses the backend of KMRS merchant panel and connects using json API, it means you cannot run this as stand alone you need to purchase Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System in order for this app to work.


Online Easy Ordering

  • Food different sizes
  • Food can have multiple sub item or addon
  • Different attributes like cooking reference, ingredients, dish etc.
  • Mutiple food category
  • Including Tax, Delivery fee , Packaging charge etc.
  • Apply Tips
  • Real time notification for email and push notification
  • Facebook login available
  • Restaurant map with directions
  • Select address from map
  • Restaurant photo gallery
  • Restaurant Promos
  • Easy to translate to any language
  • and many more….

Payment Gateway

  • Cash on delivery
  • Pay on pickup
  • Offline Credit card payment
  • Offline Bank Deposit
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • RazoryPay
  • more to come….

Book a table

  • Easy booking table
  • Receive updates on your booking status

Firebase Clound Messaging

  • Customer can receive push notification about the status of their order

Live Demo

See the K-Restaurant Mobile App in action?

Download android APK File click here

Watch K-Restaurant Mobile App in action click here

Restaurant Backend Panel
Credentials :
Username : admin
Password : admin
and go to Single merchant menu


= 2.4.2 (11 February 22) =
fixed - package.json
= 2.4.1 (28 November 20) =
fixed - mapbox
fixed - failed to compiled in monaca due to latest cordova 10
update - add new icon for iOS 20x20
update - update all iOS splash screen to use storyboard
= 2.4.0 (09 August 20) =
fixed - set delivery address
fixed - inventory addon functions
fixed - missing merchant id in get cart functions
fixed - re order if merchant has change transaction services
new - add price in food item search
= 2.3.0 (01 June 20) =
fixed - issue with ingredients
fixed - item with 1 size, the size does not appear in the cart
fixed - add validation for sell limit
fixed - booking settings in merhcat not working
fixed - bugs on multiple qty for addon
fixed - can re order even if merchant is pending or unpublished
fixed - paypal not redirecting to receipt when status is paid
fixed - stripe, paypal not working in ios 13
fixed - cancel order not appearing
fixed - tax not formating correctly
update- add carousel pictures of food image
update - auto add default tips
update - add to cart use post data
update - add payumoney
update - update tips
update - auto get address from map
update - getting of distance
update - from phonegap-plugin-push to cordova-plugin-firebasex
new - contact less delivery options (features for covid19)
new - update http legacy to http v1 for push notification
new - create device registration table
new - code for inventory addon
= 2.2 (09 Jan 20) =
fixed - add pre order date checking
fixed - query in order list
fixed - query for search order
fixed - query for booking
fixed - query for search booking
fixed - can add half qty
fixed - missing RTL in search by location
fixed - missing fields in table _address_book
new - show addon description
new - add pre checkout for checking pre order, delivery date, time and holiday
new - add options to tell customer if order is next day
= 2.1 (02 Jan 20) =
fixed - sms verification
fixed - no merchant id when sending manual push
fixed - food category scheduler
fixed - facebook getting avatar
update - update backend modules layout
update - API
update jquery to latest version
update - iphonex layout
new - search by location
new - add new plugin cordova-plugin-statusbar
new - add new plugin com-sarriaroman-photoviewer
new - add favorites for food item
new - Application start up banner
new - full RTL options
new - auto scroll banner
new - turn on/off mobile prefix
new - registration via mobile or email
new - add menu 3 layout
new - options to disabled default image
new - distance calculation straight line or using map api
new - order history
new - cart theme
new - floating category
new - auto set address book in cart
new - tracking interval
new - custom page positioning
new - contact page
new - track driver
new - add rate to delivery
new - icons icon and splash screen for ios
= 2.0 (30 May 19) =
fixed - sending of sms verification code
fixed - applying voucher
fixed - delete item in cart
fixed - checking of Minimum Order Table
update - booking add table number
update - push notification use channel
new - add logout in left menu
new - two flavor divided by 2 options
new - add clear cart
new - add search for category and food item
new - encrypt offline credit cards
new - cancel order request
new - paypal v2
new - stripe
new - Mercadopago v2
new - braintree
new - Voguepay
new -
new - google login
new - upload customer profile picture
new - add push broadcast
new - driver track order
new - dynamic banner
new - custom pages
new - mapbox
new - add review

In version 2.0 Razorpay plugin is disabled by default, if you need to use razorpay
enabled it in your config.xml.
to avoid any problems with single app make sure your kmrs is updated with latest version.

In version 2.0 single app menu is moved under admin panel instead in merchant panel

Click here

= 1.2.1 (01 March 19) =

fixed config.xml not compiling

 Important notice : in version 1.2.1 Razorpay is disabled in config.xml by default so if you need Razorpay to work un commented the razor pay in your config.xml
for android use version 1.4.3 and for ios use version 1.3.5

he following files has been changed in version 1.2.1

Mobile app files:


= 1.2 (11 July 18) =

fixed braintree credentials
fixed editing food not selecting previous addon selected
fixed 2 flavor when there is price zero set in backend
fixed addon cannot select if has same item with other addons
fixed add checking of merchant status
fixed include delivery charges rate
fixed include delivery Minimum Order Table
fixed stripe payment not working in iOS
fixed show only orders from current merchant
fixed transaction type not translating in view order
new - add country dropdown in select address and address book
he following files has been changed in version 1.2


    - singlemerchant/components/SingleAppClass.php
    - singlemerchant/controller/ApiController.php
    - singlemerchant/controller/UpdateController.php
    - singlemerchant/translation-file/singleapp.php

Mobile app files:

    - www/js/app.js
    - www/js/template.js
    - www/index.html
    - config.xml


    singleapp_cart - add new fields

= 1.1 (6 July 18) =

fixed booking table it fills the details without login
fixed delivery time not checking merchant opening hours
fixed book table not returning to homepage after successul booking
fixed discount price not showing
fixed getting stripe credentials
fixed remember contact number
fixed contact number auto fill
fixed double data when going back to home after purchase
fixed required addon
fixed add credit card during checkout
fixed config.xml add new Info.plist for camera and photo
add delivery asap
new open external map app for directions
new time format selection for date picker
new time interval selection for time picker
new auto select price when adding new food item
new two flavor added
new points addon added
new launch navigator for map direction
new add code for iphonex support
he following files has been changed in version 1.1



Mobile app files:


KMRS Functions



    singleapp_cart - add new fields

= 1.0 (20 June 18) =

Initial release version


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