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Nice work. Good Luck With Sales

thank you :)

Just purchased. Nice work, but: 1. Buttons not visible. In MY template not visible but also in the protostar not. 2. Switcher broken on my side (2 lines) 3. there seems to be a padding of 10px within the feaurelist. Need this to be fixed, also… thanks

Hello. Can you send me a link so i can take a look?

Ive sent you an mail via your profile… hope for fix very soon…

Hi! Can the pay “Monthly” and “yearly” buttons changed into other names? Like “per week” “Per day” “per product”

Hello. Yes, take a look at last example on demo (pizza and burger) http://joomla.kreativan.net/extensions/kreativ-picing .v2 is almost ready, will have up to 5 switchers/buttons, animations and more styling options and other improvements.

Hi i just installed the module in my website but it show a few errors, please click in the link to see the errors

Hello, quick update is on the way, waiting for approval. Should fix animation, and include some css fixes to prevent conflicts with templates default css. Everything else seems to work fine?

Ok great

Hi, I’ve problem with kreativ pricing. could you take a look: http://capitaroot.godtrix.com/register

purchase code: 472cea62-70b8-4f5b-8086-2aa1f9a95eff – 20 Mar 2017

Thank you.

Hello. im sorry for the late reply, im not able to access the link, can you please write me on lokomotivan@gmail.com, will be happy to assist you to solve the problem.


The module works fine aal time but since update to Joomla 3.7 it seems like the css doesn’t work you can see here: https://td-ict.nl/website-laten-maken

Can you have a quick look?

Many thanks!

Thanks for your reply. It doesn’t resolve the problem.

Something looking strange there, what version of KreativPricing are you using? Please get latest version and update your module. Just tested on localhost with j3.7 works fine, but that markup on your websites looks strange.

If you dont have access to newer version leave me your email. Latest veriosn in 2.1

hi there , when i try to add a image to the price table it wont allow me to click on the upload image

please can you advise ?

Hello. This is the joomla bug came joomla 3.7.x with default template. The easiest way to fix this is to download and extract “repeatable.js” from this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8L_MTmmmCwmMkIxT0dZcE0wblk/view?usp=sharing to your_joomla_install/system/js and replace existing file. After that just delete browser cache.

I can’ install, can you help me? There is a document where I can see the steps to install the module and manage?.

Hello. There is a documentation included in zip file. Install process is very simple: 1. Unzip downloaded zip file 2. Go to joomla back end, on top menu choose “Extensions->Manage->install” 3. Browse for downloaded file (mod_kreativ_pricing.zip) 4. Use the module.

Good evening, I bought and installed the module, but I’m mistaken in the display. can you help me? My Joomla is the latest version 3.8.1

View image: http://www.inicorbaf.it/kreativepricing.png

View site in error: http://www.inicorbaf.it/polopposto in homepage

Hello. You are getting php warnings because you have enabled all pricing variation and some of them are empty (unsaved). To resolve this, just have to disable empty pricing variations or click on add/edit pricing tables and just save empty tables (on modal window) for each variation, and ofc save the module.

Help img: https://mega.nz/#!ZqIgVLpR!omZP3FmV5rGZ0fVZMoxcHcizjVqWVho5oQzdXale9Ec

Hello, the module works almost as it should. So far, I could not set a single animation default on my page. I get neither an error nor an animation to see. What am I doing wrong?

My site: koelletour.de Menu point: Preis

Hello. There was a bug, and animation assets were loading only when there is more than one pricing variation present. That is fixed now with the latest update, (v2.2.1). If its urgent, and you don’t wanna wait for new update to get approved on envato, you can leave your email address and ill send you link with the latest version.

Actually, update got approved super fast :), so you can download the update from here right away. Sorry for the inconvenience, feel free to ask for any assistance if needed.