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Nice idea, GLWS :)

thank you :)

Hello, i need the html version if possible.

Hello. There is no html version at the moment, but i can strip it down into html, you can leave me your email address, ill send you as soon as posible.

Hello, Thank you for the module, I have tried the module on RTL website but it didnt work, can you help please?

heere is an example RTL version working fine:

I tried to install on another site, no error but I think there is a conflict with another plugin or module, please give me your email address so i can send you details. Thank you

Hi, When I use the module, k2 as the source, the page has some conflicts and most of the modules and main menu not loaded, but when using joomla as the source its working fine. kindly help

hi, Email sent in PM Thank you

Updated the module but still the same problem

Make sure u are using latest joomla and k2 versions. K2 source structure is basically the same as joomla source, only difference is that module is getting data from different db table… So there is probably compatibility problems with some of the 3rd party modules and plugins you are using with k2 or the module it self. Best way to test this is to unpublish/disable all 3rd party extensions on the page and see how Kreativ NEWS works. If everything ok then publish other modules and test one by one to identify the problematic extension if there is any. For me, its impossible to test module in development with all extensions out there, module is teted with default joomla template and latest k2, no issue detected.

Nice work, GLWS!

hi I just buy the module m I get this Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /home/chicacasting/public_html/site/libraries/src/HTML/HTMLHelper.php on line 626

IN a live site …°!!!!

anothe quesrion how can I setup “UIkit Switcher Side Nav”

Please make sure u select the joomla categories you wish to display articles from, also make sure that categories exists. This error can occur if there is no joomla categories selected, and if fields is empty in module settings. In any other case im not able to reproduce the error

For the uikit switcher sidenav, under Nav Options tab you will find Nav Position option, if u select left or right, you will get the sidenav, and top-bottom normal tabs like switcher nav. not sure is this is what you were referring to…

You can display custom content from a repeatable field or joomla articles. If on Content Source option you select joomla articles, new field will appear to choose categories you wish to display articles from