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No Demo??? No buy???

I feel obligated to let you know that the demo is now running. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When will the demo be up and running again?

When will the demo be up and running again?

When will the demo be up and running again?

No input file specified. Adress: /forum/1 /user/signup .... How to fix this?

Try replacing your .htaccess contents with this: http://pastebin.com/CMrWF34T

Been thinking about picking this up for awhile now but have a few questions quick. First question how easy would it be to check if a user is logged in on a 3rd-party php page? So if a user is not logged in will display a like to login or register, and if they are it will say something like Welcome username.

Second question how easy would it be to add custom fields to the both the view profile and edit profile pages. For example Xbox Live Gamertag so user can share their gamertags on their profile page

To answer the first question, not very hard. You need basic PHP knowledge to do a minor change of the framework to make it capable of working as a library – I can do this modification for you if you want me to or you can follow this tutorial http://kohanaframework.org/3.2/guide/kohana/tutorials/library-kohana.

After that checking if a user is online and printing his username would be easy as:

<?php require_once 'common.php'; if(Auth::instance()->logged_in()) { echo 'Welcome ' . Auth::instance()->data('username'); } else { echo 'Not logged in...'; }

The second part is a bit more complicated as you need to have basic understanding of how Kohana works. You would need to add the field manually – that includes writing the html input field, adding a rule of validation for that field, adding a new field to the database, modifying the models to save the new data and a couple of other things.

If the fields are for commonly used websites, I can add them for you if there are not many of them, just list them in a comment or send me a mail and I will include them in the next update. You don’t have to pay extra for that of course.


I buy the program and upload all files to my server. (config DB fix). My problem is that nothing is working at all.

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When i click on Log Out i’v got the 404 page.

Can you tell me why the search doesn’t search in the forum please ?

Well, you created a bunch of parent categories which are read only. You have to create child categories to be able to post.

Can you tell me why the search doesn’t search in the forum please ?

Can you leave a possibility to change the favicon please ?


I upload the update files, but everytime i login or log out it’s send me to a 404 page!

Expect an update within 24 hours.

Can write a post.


I write you few days ago, and ask you for help support with your new update forum.

It’s impossible for no one to write anything, like a post or whatever into the forum. (Only Admin) can write.

Here is the link to the forum, you can register and try after that to write a post and see.


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Update should be available in a couple of hours

Hi @hockic. Your script looks great. I just wanted to ask before I buy it. I really like the design, so, is that just restricted to Korum itself, or would I be able to use it outside of Korum too?

What do you mean with outside of Korum? Like copying/reusing the layout and css for your own projects or do you mean exporting the layout to something like Drupal od WP?

Pre Sale Questions:

I would like to integrate just the forums into my website, is that possible? I don’t want the member list or the contact form, as I am using Ultimate Member. I am not a fan of bbPress, and this looks so much cleaner and better formatted.

Is it possible to make a page and have the forums work within that page itself, only. Just the forums.

No, it was built to be used as a standalone app and does not come with a wordpress bridge, or any bridge at all for that matter.

Can you provide the Social login feature along with the registration and Login.