Korgar - Responsive HR & Vacancies Web Platform

Korgar - Responsive HR & Vacancies Web Platform

The web application of the HR portal and vacancies is designed to create a large vacancy resource for candidates and employers. In general, the aim of the project is to enable you to find a job for hire. This allows jobseekers to publish their resume, find a job, view their personal job listings, and also provide an opportunity for various companies to post their vacancies and find the necessary candidates. \\ \\


  • Quick search
  • Company Profile
  • Job Seeker
  • Job Provider
  • Administrator
  • Protection against XSS Attacks
  • Protection against SQL Injection

  • Requirements

  • HTTP Server (e.g. Apache)
  • PHP 5.6.X or greater
  • MySQL 5.X or greater
  • Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled
  • GD Image library

  • Easy installation

  • 1) Download files from the “UPLOADS” folder to your server (hosting);
  • 2) Create databases and user in MYSQL;
  • 3) Import the “DataBase.sql” file into your MYSQL database;
  • 4) Edit the database data in the file ..\app\config\parameters.yml (database_name: your name database; database_user: your user database; database_password: your password database;
  • 5) Installation is completely finished, to install the foreign language, write to us in the Reviews section or e-mail.
  • 6) For russian language please write us:

  • Changes

    11 Apri 2018 – Version 1.0.3

    - all bugs+

    08 October 2017 – Version 1.0.2

    - a bug with settings platform on the server
    - a bug in the main menu - submenu is displayed incorrectly when you hover
    - a bug in the formation of the vacancies
    - added advanced and accurate search for candidates
    - added styles for other pages icon