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Hello Jogjascript, really cool plugin. We are interested in purchasing but wanted to know if you have or can add feature to play audio on the listing of the product as well. So you dont have to go to the product detail page every time you want to sample one. If there are alot of posts on the listing page it allows you to listen faster. Is this present or you can add this?


Good idea, i will try to add it in the product listing page.

Very nice made. Good Luck.

Thank you redqteam

Hi I just bought the plugin but when I use this plugin, you can see the url of the audio files in the footer. Please help me out.

Ok, Please check your email.

Thanks for the quick support.

You are welcome.

Can each audio file be sold separate? like iTunes..$.99 per track


This plugin only work as audio preview. For E-Commerce functionality it’s depend on WooCommerce Plugin.

Hi I just bought the plugin but when I use this plugin, you can see the url of the audio files in the footer. Please help me out. Check out

Please send update to


Please check your email. i sent you the update.

Thanks for the update

you are welcome.

There are a lot of audio plug-ins where you can just use short code to add the player to the product page. This plug-in would be successful if you can actually display the player on the shop page. Take a look at some of the major players:

That’s how it’s done, yo! ;-)


Thank you for your suggestion. i will try to improve this plugin.

I’m getting Error Happens messages


Sorry, where is the error message? i’ve checked your website but i can’t see any error

Ok what I found out was the file can’t have () in the file name. Example: Fly like Me (feat. Wezzy). After removing the () it played fine.

Oh i see. I think the title name need to be sanitized.

Hi, whats the shortcode for the player? I found the option in the settings but couldn’t find the actual shortcode…

this sample player will be displayed in product details page. have you check it?

I think I may have got confused about what your plugin actually does….I thought that your plugin would only play a sample of a full track if a full track was uploaded.

i’ve accepted your refund request.

Hello! There was a problem with the product update , after installing your plugin . When I press the button to publish or update in the product card , an error occurs. Link to screenshot :

Help me please!!!

What address in support for sending access to the site with this problem?


Yes i know today WooCommerce has been updated to 2.6 . we still work on it to make it compatible with v2.6. Please open new ticket here :


lotte01 Purchased


Thanks for making this great plugin.

I only face one problem: the sample player doesn’t appear in a different language. So it’s working perfectly in a Dutch product, but not in the English page of the product.

How come?



The basic language of this plugin is english. I will re check it why the english language does not works correctly.

Thank you.


lotte01 Purchased

Great, thanks for your reply!

It’s not that the language is not revealing properly, it’s simply that the player doesn’t show up at all. So on the Dutch page everything goes fine, on the English product page (2nd language) it’s not showing up.

I hope you can let me know more soon :)

Oh i see, please let me know your site URL. If you could open new ticket here it would be great.

Hi, very nice plugin :) i’d like to know if you could do some custom development on the plugin? Thank you,


Thank you. If you want to do some customization we can discuss it via email

great :) sent you an email!

okay i will check it.

Will plug-in allow preview on product-listing page (without opening to details page)? Would like user to browse audio samples quickly on products page – before selecting purchase.


We will consider it. But for now, this plugin only display sample audio in product page.

Thank you for contacting us. :)

halo gan, bisa gak audio player nya juga ada di loop product, bukan cuma di single product page. saya mau beli kalo bisa :)

Untuk saat ini tidak bisa gan, harus di custom dulu.

maksud nya harus di-custom, berarti bisa ya gan? apakah ada shortcode nya?

Ya harus di modifikasi dulu kodenya gan. defaultnya saat ini blom bisa.

This will be great. Something like marketify Wordpress theme. It has that featured but this plugin is way better just need to have that play button on the product before entering page. Please put that feature in it!

another question: I’m using Dokan multi-vendor marketplace plugin and this will allow vendors (uploaders) to post a product with a featured image. This plugin works with woo commerce only. but with the Dokan shows a different dashboard to the users. So my question to you will this show on the vendor dashboard for users to post there music etc?


Thank you for your suggestion. I will try to improve this plugin features. Yeah you need to modify this plugin to make it compatible with dokan multivendor plugin.

Thank you

how can i insert this inside product description. instead of a new tab?


Yes you can. Please go to WooCommerce->Settings->Koplo Player->Player Position. You have 5 available options.

Thank you.

do you have in future to add buy now button for sample music?


Yes maybe. some of users ask me to customize this plugin “adding buy button for each item” .

How can I add the player with a shortcode?? What is the shortcode?? Thanks so much


Sorry, this feature isn’t available yet. You can use this function for displaying Sample Player in custom location.

<?php if ( function_exists( 'koplo_display_sample_player' ) ) {

is there a way to just play the first 30 seconds on mp3?


For now there is no way to do that. :(

Is there a short code that would allow me to place the playlist on a separate page beyond the woocommerce product page?


For now no shortcode provided. But you can use a function name to display the playlist.

Hi, I purchased this earlier today but I keep getting “Error Happens” when trying to play a preview.


Could you tell me what is the error message you’ve gotten?