Discussion on Kooltip - CSS3 tooltip

Discussion on Kooltip - CSS3 tooltip

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I purchased it today and got some issues, I sent an email to you, please check, thanks.


I found another issue, I open the page on IE9 , but the arrow doesn’t show up… it is different from your screenshot. Why’s that?

I fixed the IE issue, thanks.

Glad you solved the issue. What was the problem exactly?

This line: <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=EmulateIE7” />

I have this and it looks rubbish:

(1) Can it be opened by clicking rather than hovering?

(2) On the iPhone (and probably many other mobiles) the tooltip won’t close. You touch it to open and it won’t close (unless you open another tooltip).

(3) Surely it can be made to fit inside the page (on desktop and mobile). I don’t want to have to set a width as there are so many different screen sizes + people have browser at various sizes.

Hello, Thanks for purchase. It is a pure css tooltip. Only hover (mouseenter and leave) event can be handled via css, click or touch gestures can’t. That’s why hover doesn’t work properly on mobile devices. It’s not responsive, so its width doesn’t depends on screen resolution. You can set its width to auto, then the width depends on the content. Use line break (
) to break the long content manually. Best, Attila

Hi there,

Just purchased the plugin, but I don’t see it work. The stylesheet is included properly and is loaded, but the example html doesn’t work. It provides the link in the output, but hovering doesn’t do anything.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Tom

Hello, Send me an email via my profile page to discuss this issue.

I purchased and installed this great module, thanks ! I use it with other codecanyon jquery modules and have my tooltips being cropped inside a div (change of z-index, overflow, etc. makes no change). Is there anyway to have the Kooltips appear always on top ?


Send me a mail via my profile page ( with link to your site to check your code.

Best, Attila

Hi, how can I add hyperlink onto the tooltips? Thanks.

You can insert link into tooltip bubble, for example: Lorem ipsum icyblue tooltip

You cannot insert hyperlink inside hyperlink, so the wapper elements should not be hyperlink. In the exmaple above I used tag. ( ... )

Since many are using Wordpress, is it possible to turn this into a shortcode? Maybe your coming update will include this.

Hey there,

Ive reached out a couple times via email. I’d really like some help on figuring out why your tip tool is not working for me in IE8 specifically. Happy to pay for your time, just need an answer if you have a clue.