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Will it drip feed content to members?

Thanks for the comment. Not yet but drip content is in plans.

Just added this in the new release

Hi Bobby,Congrates for your Plguin on CC.Good Luck With Sales.


Hi. I need a plugin for membership that can do this: 3 different levels of membership, one free and two fee required; on the registration form have the ability to upload files; import an archive of users via csv / xml; show a public list of members showing the name, last name and city; What it can do your plugin?

Thanks for your interest. File upload is not yet available in the profile fields.

But i can do all the rest?

Users in Konnichiwa are just Wordpress users so you can import / export them through some of the free plugins for CSV import / export of users. We don’t yet have any shortcode for listing users but I guess this can also be done with other plugins.

will instamojo payment gateway in planning ?

probably yes, thanks for the comment

Hi Sorry to bother you but second feature. Wanted another/second option for subscription of plan for expiration. Wanted option that admin / moderator can set a particular date (Pop calendar is suggested ) on which a particular plan is expired. For example, A plan labeled “Mid-April,2016” plan will expire on 15 April,2016.So all registered users in this plan can access content till 15 April,2015 only,irrespective of when they subscribed to this plan.They registered on different -different date but content will be available till 15 April,2016 only to subscriber of this plan.

In this regard admin/moderator can have two option either "Duration" (1 month / 6 month / 1 year etc.) or on the particular "Date" (15 April,2016 / 15 October,2015 etc.)
So now system will have two option for setting for plan expiration "Duration" or on the particular "Date".
So now in system will have two types of plan,
some plans expire after equal duration for all users.
Some plans expire On the particular date.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll think about adding it.

Does this also protect or restrict the content in woocommerce product category? Not post category

You can only set restriction per individual Woocommerce producet from the Edit Product page.

not the whole category? in product>category

Konnichiwa currently recognizes only post categories. WooCommerce doesn’t use them.

Hi there Glad I found a little gem like Konnichiwa covered both user access control and payment solutions. Just downloaded and installed, as I’m aiming at Chinese customers I aways do a translation first, and it always works but NOT this time. I added the Chinese mo. & po. file into Language folder inside KonnichiwaPro, and then installed the plugin, but nothing translated, its still all in English. Can you give user a guide on how to properly add the translation files? Thanks in advance.



Thanks for your purchase and kind words. The plugin textdomain is “konpro” so your files should be named konpro-cn_CN.po / .mo

Oh yeah, that’s it, I got the wrong naming konnichiwapro_xx_xx, no wonder it didn’t work out. By the way as long as I added the po./mo. files, do I still need the konnichiwapro.pot file in the rood folder? Or shall I just trash it?

Feel free to trash it :)

Author I managed to set KonPro up at my site and so-far-so-good. However 2 minor issues bother me a bit : 1. Suscribe plans have each durations set to 1 month, although I translated everything in the plugin the front end insisted showing duration times in English : 1month, 4weeks etc instead of Chinese… 2. The other payment method HTML codes is what I like about KonPro, I pasted the HTML codes in the setting, transaction works, but I don’t like the styles. At the front end, Paypal and Stripe buttons align at the centre while my customised 3rd payment button is aligned to the left and it looks a bit messy. Is there a way to organise the buttons in a 3 columns way or align them all to the centre, and put some simple texts around them? Would like to see it in next update. Cheers and keep up the good works.

1. I used this : [konnichiwapro-plans horizontal] for plans. URL here : http://hwansh.com/partner/donaback/ As you can see everything else is perfectly Chinese but this duration time thing.

2. I tried my theme’s column short-code but the button is not aligned : URL here : http://hwansh.com/partner/donaback/ The payment html code is here :

<form action=”https://shenghuo.alipay.com/send/payment/fill.htm” method=”POST” target=”_blank” accept-charset=”GBK”> <input name=”optEmail” type=”hidden” value=”15101660603” /> <input name=”payAmount” type=”hidden” value=”9” /> <input id=”title” name=”title” type=”hidden” value=”???? ” /> <input name=”memo” type=”hidden” value=”?????????????????” /> <input name=”pay” type=”image” value=”????” src=”https://img.alipay.com/sys/personalprod/style/mc/btn-index.png” align=”centre” /> </form>

I see now that the HTML tags are stripped from my comment so it makes no sense. I mean to add “p align=center” around the button.

We’ll check the shortcode thing soon, thanks.

That’s speedy support! Thanks for the button solution and looking forward the short code. Will get KonPro for my other sites too, keep up the good works.

Hi Bobby, Pre Sale question :

Will I get instamojo payment gateway ,If I buy script? Because Paypal is not viable in India Enviroment. Thanks.

Sorry, there is no Instamojo integration at this point.

Hi, in one of the previous comments you have said you’ve added drip feed content but there’s no information on how to set this up?

This is done through the Contect Access page. You’ll see the option once you select “Access is given to users with the following subscription plans”

Dear support, I just buy konnichiwa pro and had been implemented into my LMS page. But I had a problem that the message notification after click subscription was not sent to the customer. I have setup the email notification in Konnichiwa with amount subscripetion etc.

PLs advise how to enable it.


after subscribe now, there is no payment button. is there any doc how to do it ? pls advise

Have you selected any payment method? You need payment method to display a button.

ok its work now by adding smtp plugin. after click subscribe open payment message page. tx

dear team,

In my Konnichiwa, i have setup coupon for discount 100% with code FREE TRIAL. But when they took the subs plan, immediately the page subscription appear with normal price. Then they apply the coupon code in this page after that this page disappear.

Question : - Is it normal ? is there no update page saying cost is zero or deduction by 100% ? - Is there any chance about the subs plan fee submit to customer by email ?

Pls advise. thx

That is not what I mean. When someone took the subs plan, system will inform student with the fee of the lesson in oarticuar page. Is there any chance that the notification sent to subs email as well ? Since there is some important info such as bank account, fee information.


At the moment you can only use the on-screen information.

Ok thx. Suggest to have email sent for this important notice as well.

Hi to all! :smiley: I want to add a plugin for the registration for a blog and a forum inside of the site. Pratically the plugin need to: Registrate the user from facebook and other socials or create an account Personalize the info’s of the user (with personal photo and personal info) Access to the forum and to the section of comments of the blog Access to digital products. It’s possible? Thanks

I want to build a recurring monthly subscription that does not end until the user stops paying/cancels. So far I can’t figure out if Konnichiwa can do this?

I want to build a recurring monthly subscription that does not end until the user stops paying/cancels. So far I can’t figure out if Konnichiwa can do this?

Hello, Do you support WP network setup in the sense that memberships are setup at the network level and not per site level? Thansk

No it will work only per site level

Can this plugin auto-approve subscriptions after payment?

Yes, after payment the subscription is activated.


kpardoe Purchased


I purchased Konnichiwa! Pro…

Is there a shortcode or other method for changing the text that appears on the subscribe button? I would like to change it “enroll me” for my online lessons…

Thank you.

The easiest method to change any text is using Loco Translate and “translate” the plugin regardless that it’s again English.