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On thing I cannot seem to get this to work properly in IOS devices….Can you check for me?

Any solutions? http://www.resourcedirectinc.com/test/index.html

Please advise.

Seems I got it to work, however it removes some of the sexiness, any modifications are truly appreciated

I removed the visibility and it is working

however it does revert back to my earlier issue…

okay if u remove the visibility , you should put something instead to make it disappear before hover , such as display:none;

I’ve been looking for something like this for Wordpress, will it work WP?

It’s css , you can customize it to work at anything you need, but , it’s not a plugin for WP

Hello, this is not working in IE browsers…8-9

Can you check? http://www.resourcedirectinc.com/ Thanks in advance!

sorry for this really ,, all problems in Ie comes from gradients with transitions , you know Ie is so stupid , you try to remove filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient

or you can remove position:relative; from .main-menu class

Hi! I have a question concerning behaviour on active pages: How can I make the sublevel-menu stay open, when a submenu link is active?

Thanks for your hint! - Simone