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Just wanted to say I downloaded this and so far I really like it. Good clean code and seems like it has some really good options. Will post more feedback and/or questions as I use it more. However I was able to get a Expense Report system and Time Tracker system up in less than 30 minutes from un-zipping this.

The examples are good and the code is clean!

Good job and good luck with sales!

Thank you!


nuh Purchased

That is so good. Thanks but could you add a login system for one person?


You can to integrate with other login system.

One thing that I have found to be missing is when search for date it would be nice if it could be a date range as opposed to just a single date.

Thank you!

I will upgrade it as soon as possible.

Which version Kohana should be?


You can use it with Kohana 3.x

Hello, I have some questions about callbacks functions. How it work? Functions have variable $data, is the data from form? Or something else. Can you write some about how it work?



Yes, It is the data of the form. Callbacks functions can to help you to add (change) value for some some field or execute some your source code.

HI, I’m looking for something like Kohana Admin PRO. Where can I find it?

Sorry, I don’t have Kohana Admin Pro. Thanks,

Can you make Kohana Admin Pro?

Yes, I can. Maybe I will create it in the next month. Thanks,

I’m waiting it, maybe is a good idea to add bootstrap 3 support also.

+1 I’m interested in Kohana Admin Pro, too! Can we buy it soon? Regards

Hello vudoanthang. Im buying your plugin now. I intend to migrate it to bootstrap 3. I’m a kohana and bootstrap expert. If you want contact me to


I bought your Kohana CRUD and I’m looking forward to Kohana Admin Pro! Take care!

Can anyone offer some support for this? The author is not answering my emails. TIA

Pretty nice tool. Saved me a lot of time. You do need to create a page for every table. It has some nice customization features for formatting fields and hiding them.

One problem I had was that I had the Composer library installed for PHPExcel which autoloaded it first instead of the library supplied with this Kohana module. I ended up just hiding the “Excel” button and not using it. One potential problem though.

How you doing vudoanthang? Any news about Kohana Admin Pro?

I am offering to pay for support, but there is still no answer from the author. Very disappointing.

Can someone tell me how to do this: I want to get data from the datatabase into a CRUD selectbox. TIA

Never mind.

CRUD shows blank when the data value is 0. This is presumably related to PHP’s isset() or empty() functions, but I can’t track down the particular usage in the CRUD scripts. Any ideas, anybody?


Please send me the error screenshot via email ( I will fix it.


I emailed you a month ago. Still no reply.

Hi. I am looking for a script which we can integrate into the user and admin dashboard of our website to allow our users (and us) to view their deposits / withdrawals and download them. Is your script suitable for this purpose? Thanks you


You need to custom it to fit your requirement.


I bought last weekend your module Kohana CRUD from Codecanyon. It works perfect , but I can’t do anything with the “callback function” yet, it does nothing and returns nothing. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Could you please send me an example to know how to use it. Thanks in advance