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Need two Major Features

Provides RSS Feeds of Each Article, Category.

SEO – Title of the Page, and other Meta Fields

Is it Possible in this script.

Hi Kaanav,

Yes, this is entirely possible. I will implement your two request shortly!


I usually love your stuff man, but either I am seeing the wrong Demo, or it aint uploaded correctly..

And Thirteen bucks ?

Perhaps the demo file isnt working correctly, all I see is 4 menu links, some breadcrumb links, and kind of a weird css arrangement… with no particular style…

Really wondering if the files have uploaded in their entirety for the demo.

Anyhoo, will try again later, good luck with sales you are very talented, albeit this file does look a tad on the basic side.


Hi SportTipsWorld,

Thanks for the kind remarks :)

The layout is very minimalistic. If the price is too high after a week I will let Envato know to lower it

If you take a look again in the top Right you will see a login link to the Administration and Backend System. I have made this one fully editable as I just have it reinstalling every night.

Sorry, Just by mistake i report as a spam.

No worries, I do that too :) They really need to move that button to another location.

As I said in the top comment, I have added those two requests and will start on them right away.

If you want to send me an email via my profile, I can email you when it is ready as there is no notifications here.

Thanks Tut, will check it out.

But mate, a KnowledgeBase, needs more than a admin area.

It really really needs a stonking good front end, with as we all expect these days , all the bells and whistles. But I will re-look again, as you generally make bullet proof code, and will check out the admin area.

I would pay $100’s for a decent KB system, we built our own and know it cost us 1000’s in development time, but it has to be pretty too .. and have the css and jquery and ajax functionality that people desire these days.

Where you usually score is your php, so as I said, bullet-proof springs to mind, and a hardy framework, which afterall is the basis of any solid app.

Good Work,


I had purchased it, just waiting for your twp added features.

Thanks and best wishes for huge sale

Update is in the queue, once it goes through I will reply to your email.

Thanks for the purchase

I really like the design/layout of this, so I have a suggestion for another project. I would love to have something just like this, that is just for storing code snippets, like my own code repository, this script could even be modified easily to work, would just need to add syntax highlighting to the article pages

This script could be very easily modified to use syntax highlighting.

First thing you would need to add an option to what type of code the “article” is.

Then when the article page is called, it would do a switch statement on that database field and run the syntax highlighting on the article’s text (http://php.net/manual/en/function.highlight-string.php does PHP and a few comments on there do other languages)

I just saw that a tutorial was released for using a JQuery plugin to go some syntax highlighting (http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/html-css-techniques/quick-tip-how-to-add-syntax-highlighting-to-any-project) so you should also check that out

Some Suggestions

1. Add Ajax Auto Suggest Search Like – http://codecanyon.net/item/ajax-autosuggest/157907

2. Related Articles – Automatic or Admin Choice, I means if any one is reading “How to Remove an Article” then at the footer or right sidebar other articles related keyword or article List should be displayed.

3. Category Hierarchy – Drop Down

4. Design or themes, Header, Body wrapper, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Footer all can be customized.

5. Advertisement or Adsense Integration.

6. Most Important Login System. Some Category should not be shown until User is Log in. And some Categories and Articles can be displayed to any one.

Any one will Love this if these are possible.

By this I think Knowledge base should be a complete package used in any field of providing knowledge.


hello Tulage Systems? i wanna buy your systems but i have a bunch of requests to make… i would like to have the login panel & its message removed from the front end. also i think the frot end needs to look much prettier, and the the back end too…also add an auto suggest feature on the search! please tell me when its ready so i can but the app. Thanks.

Regards, Imani

I also noticed if you use the SQL wildcard % in your search it will return all the entries. Best to prevent that as a large database search using a wildcard will cause many performance issues.

What I like with your script is the way it works. It is simple but efficient. No “bling bling” features, just what we need for a basic knowledge base. Negative point, 13$ is a bit expensive for this kind of basic script.

I have some questions. Is it possible to change easily the WYSIWYG editor by another one? I find which one you use basic and not really useful for long or complexe article.

Did you planned to add the the possibility of attaching a file with an article?

Thank you in advance for the answers.


I can definitely add the ability to attach document or files to articles.

I finaly bought it…Am I allowed to customize it for my own needs?

Thanks for the purchase, Yes you can customize it to fit your own needs.

If you need support just email the email found in the documentation. I have added your suggestion into my list of items to do.

I am looking for buying this, I wanted this to be in following template/theme


I will pay you on hourly basis, let me know if you are willing to work on it


Hello d012004,

would kindly email me via my profile and we can chat about it there?

Quick Link

I did send you email. Did you get it

Is there a way to get subcategories?

Thanks in advance

Sorry, it only goes to categories currently. You would need to do some coding to add subcategories.

Would this be a feature you would like to see added?

How to make support Russian the dump of a database made UTF -8 but it didn’t help, please correct

I don’t do a lot of translating characters, but you could also add the language/format to the webpage. By default it might also be UTF -8

<meta http-equiv="content-language" content="en">
<meta charset="utf-8" />

Second add this into the database class after you connect into MySQL


can not write to ‘compileDir’, which is ’/flexy_compiled_templates’ Please give write and enter-rights to it

This is the error after installing KB.

What am I doing wrong?

Would you please respond my new email. Our new website has now no support page!

Again: Would you please respond my new email.

Thanks for your help! It works perfectly.

Do I dare purchase this with no demo, screenshots or updates and with it looking well out of date, All I need is the basic mysql, pdo connection, php knowledge base with an idea of text editing and connecting/populating the db. This may be good but looks untrusty…

Your demo is not working anymore.