Knight Run - Template Buildbox - All Assets ✰

Knight Run - Template Buildbox - All Assets ✰

The Battle of Void is the first human vs beast military confrontation that readers of Knight Run would get to see. It was a huge battle between Queen D-38 against the combined forces of AE and Knight Order. Despite humanity ultimately winning the battle, it nearly ended in complete disaster as the initial AE-Knight Order forces on the ground did not expect the appearance of single digit high rank beasts, including an EX-Type Zero.

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The game was made using the program Buildbox ,  If you want to add levels or edit the game, you will need to know how to use buildbox  ( .bbdoc ) .  But to edit the images, just replace them.  

  • Xcode PROJECT
  • Android Studio Project
  • Tamplate Buildbox
  • Videos Taturial 
Knight Run - Template Buildbox - All Assets ✰ - 2

Features and Requirements
  2.    Beautiful graphics
  3.    Challenging endless gameplay
  4.    Cool Cracter enemies to battle
  5.    Seamless controls
  6.    awesome levels will update more soon.
  7.    Different enemies to defeat and Super Adventure .
  8.    Easy, intuitive controls and very addictive too.
  9.    Great sounds and wonderful high-resolution graphics.
  10.    Simple and fun game-play like platform game classic and adventure.
  11.    Classic runner game style.
  12.    Universal (phone & tablet)
  13.    Share buttons
  14.    Rate Button
  15.    Restart
  16.    Hourly Bonus Coins
  17.    Sound On/Off Option
  18.    EASY TO RESKIN!
  19.    Ready to publish

How to Setup and Reskin : 

This template is very easy to reskin, You will find a PDF User guide in this pack. which includes Eclipse And Android Studio and Xcode steps by step to import the project and export apk file. for more information check out these guides on buildbox.

In order to do any major gameplay changes, add levels, enemies, etc, Buildbox is required. On the other hand, you’ll be able to reskin the objects, change menus, update AD Ids, and much more without having Buildbox installed. You’ll find a documentation file that will guide you.

Easy to change the image, just replace the image file!