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Basically good but missing the “auto complete”. If you click on a card it should be finding its match automatically. It’s common these days. So you don’t have to drag&drop the card which is slow and boring.

You mean that the game must automatically match cards without dragging? If so where’s the difficulty? Players can simply click on cards hoping that there is an existing matching. Please provide us an online example of what you really mean. Tnx.

That’s exactly what people are looking for. You guess it right. One of the most downloaded solitaire app on google play store has this feature. You can simply add an option in your code to swith it on or off. If you add it I buy it ;)

(Solitaire from Brainium Studios for example)

Ok clear. I will let you know if we want to add this kind of feature.

it is missing somethings…

1. When there is no more moves left it does not notify you so it wastes user game play.

2. The point system is the aim to have to lowest point not the highest points.. as for every so many seconds playing it -8 from the point system surely it needs to be +8.

an amazon game though

Tnx for your interest in our game!

1) This is a feature that we are going to add in the next days.

2) We followed the Windows Solitaire score system that have increasing score.

How do i compile it for Android , iOs, And WindowsPhone If i get to know then will Buy your whole HTML5 Games collection

Thank You

You should use something like phoneGap.

Hello! Is this game embedable on a website or i have to upload it? Also can i make game space smaller and put it more to the left or to the right if i wanted to?

and one more thing, could i change the oicture of the cards if i wanted to?Thanks in advance!

Hi! yes you can embed the game into an iframe with your desired dimensions, and the game fits itself. If you want to change images, you have to replace them in sprites folder respecting name file, size and file type.

Great game! How easy is it to change the game background? Sorry, couldn’t find that in the documentation.

Hi! If you want to change images and background, you just have to replace them in sprites folder respecting name file, size and file type :)

I have compile the game for android but i have test it with 7 (a galaxy S5 among others) devices and it performs poorly. How can i optimize it to run better?

Hi! I’m sorry but we have no way to check porting operations. Some of our customers use PhoneGap, Cordova or Iudei to convert our games into apk, try one of these, maybe it will perform better

Se puede importar sin problemas a XDK?, gracias.

Hi! I’m sorry but we have no way to check porting operations. Some of our customers uses successful PhoneGap, XDK, Cordova or Iudei to convert our games into apk, try one of these.


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It is still buggy. The mouse move is too far away when grabbing the card by mouse and go to the right. In an iFrame you CANNOT play the game !!! Seems like after several weeks the creators are not able to fix this issue. Lousy support … I bought a lot at them but this game is not useable. Buy another one until it has been fixed.

the game has already been fixed and submitted. We are waiting for codecanyon to approve it. You’ll get a notification once ready.


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hi! Great game!!!! ...but there are some (little) bugs:

1) when you pick a card from deck (“depot” or “reserve”), if you release it, and you move the mouse (quickly after you release it!), the card follows the mouse cursor :-( check this video: https://www.screencast.com/t/AT3nCtOEe it’s hard to see… video framerate too slow… just try…

2) sometimes cards move under other cards :-( check this video (I decreased the speed to see better): https://www.screencast.com/t/odieoRjDB

3) in CGame.js file, you have duplicate code on line 143 and line 173:
_oInterface = new CInterface();"
Create _oInterface once should be enough…

Thank’s for your support :-)

Hi, thank you for pointing out these little bugs. We’ve added to the list of the minor bugs to fix. Since they are not behaviors that affect the game flow, they’ll be fixed in the next release.


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thank you for the answer :-) can you tell me when is the next version planned?

I also found a bug with your “spider solitaire” game… I just posted a comment on the related page…

Best regards.

we’ll release the new version soon, you’ll get a notification from envato