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I Like this concept to car dealers!... but the script have some errors, but insist its a good idea. When you select a brand and click over ( No more load) this duplicate the exist cars, and the preview popup, need adjust… Do you think add in a future a time configuration for publications?.....Good look ! ‘ll buy the script =)

in a future you can apply this script for real estates! =D

Gracias por las sugerencias.

La parte de “No more to load” es porque ya no hay vehículos de esa marca, o sea, ya no existen mas carros.

Pero te agradezco el feedback, ya lo anote, hay cosas que yo hice porque quería que fuera mas fácil etc… entre otras cosas… vendrán actualizaciones con el tiempo y cualquier cosa, estoy a la orden

Thank you so much for making that points and other stuff, We can continue this if you want via email.

Have a nice day.

This is nice, but I’d still rather see a dedicated details page when the vehicles are clicked on, instead of a pop up, too much can go wrong or be missed in a pop up, with a dedicated “PAGE” the details are sure to be seen by the visitors. ;)

That it would be a nice feature, I take notes of all of suggestions for possible updates.

If you are on a Mobile Phone, it redirects you to another page.

Cool, but and I dont mean this in any kind of disrespect towards you or anyone else, but Mobile is very cool feature to have, but just like Facebook, not “EVERYONE” likes or uses it. Plus, if you can have that feature on mobile, it should be easy for regular view too right? I just know, when I clicked on a vehicle, and got my pop up, its no padding in there, so some of the logo is cut off to the left, and the text is borderline cut off too. I am in Firefox on my laptop. Thats why I suggested, though a lightbox is a cool feature, somethings are best left simple. I’d definitely do the page if I were you, and from the details page, if they click on an image, pop the “IMAGE” up in a lightbox

Actually you are right,

There is a function that detect if is a mobile and fire this page for example: http://www.tucancode.com/codecanyon/klerithautodealer/detail.html?id=19

But, is a super simple HTML page, you can perform custom modifications in that file.

Also, for those kind of “customizations” you will have my fully support.

Thank you Blackburn :)

Great script, good luck with sales klerith! :)

Thank you extreemer!, A lot of work is in that scrip, I hope some people can easily solver their needs with this.

Thank you AZDpixels :)

Great work I agree with Pharill, would be nice if could open up an html page as shown in your link, also making that page either responsive and or atleast center for now. and just place a redirect on it in case someone is one mobile.

Also in the vehicle add function make the car makes populate based on that year and then make model populate based on that make and year. I was rebuilding one from all cars from 1769 or considered first vehicle types on the road . The database already has 1769-1914 populated though need to finish uploading the rest of database through 2014. If you select 1769-1914 year those makes for that year and the models of that year. check it out here to see what I mean, http://olauno.com/fulldemo/cars.php

I would be interested in integrating it into your platform.

I’m working late on CodeCanyon right now…

Any vehicle has its out particular URL. For example. http://www.tucancode.com/codecanyon/klerithautodealer/detail.html?id=8

Of course, your URL will be shorter, because I have a lot on my server right now.

Also I’m exited because I just sent a big update for my biggest product.


metro features look cool , good luck with sales.

Thank you for the purchase, if there is anything that I can help you, please tell me

Saludos amigo, quiero comprar el script, pero quisiera saber si piensas realizar mas actualizaciones?......tambien estoy interesado en una personalizacion, para adaptarlo a venta de inmuebles….espero tu respuesta! Exitos!


Pues si, pero depende de la demanda que tenga el ítem o los problemas que reporten los compradores.

Puedes escribirme por correo si deseas más información

listo, como es tu correo?

Fernando.herrera85@gmail.com esta también en mi perfil

Script looks great, does the script enable users to register and to list their own cars, secondly is it possible to embed adsense? code on script

Hi, thank you for taking and see the product.

Right now, there are only 2 types of users, Admin (who can create users and upload vehicles) and Normal, who can manage and upload vehicles.

For adds, is pretty simple, the main page is a pure HTML page with 30 lines (more or less), you just need to add there.


satsuke Purchased

Maybe, you can create script like this with buy now button (custom url) and dynamic input values. So, we can use it for e-commerce instead of car dealer only. :)