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Nice and clean! Would very much love to see a 3 column version. :(

Hi, Bryan! Impressive work! Good luck with sales!

I have no suggestions on improving the code except the following: is there any way to implement slide down functionality for rows (on hover or by click)?

My rows aren’t just ‘500 Gb free’ but something like ‘Estimation and financial analysis on demand for individuals and households’ which don’t fit a single row. So maybe it could be ‘Estimation and financial analysis’ at the row and ’* on demand for individuals and households’ at the slide down area under the row.

Please advice on how to get over the length limitation?

First, Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it.

You can send me an e-mail at bryanmaxim@gmail.com and we’ll discuss.

Definitely worth it! Bryan, thanks for an instant (and free) help in customization!

Hi, how can I get 5 columns? Thanks!

i can help you with that, just e-mail me at bryanmaxim@gmail.com and we’ll discuss.

This looks gorgeous! Does this template require Bootstrap, or will I be able use it with Squarespace’s code block?

Can this be embedded into a Squarespace code block?

Great plugin good luck with sales


for the Pricing Tables is this a simple html script that i can add to each of my pages for the table to appear or is this a pricing tab that is added to the dashboard menu then we have to add a new pricing tables and then use a short code to display that pricing table on the page?