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Why is main file have 2 folder with 3 different file?

In main file have a 2 different folder is :
1. 1_image_view is a old version app with 1 image view in page recipe.
2. 3_image_view is a new version app with 3 image view in page recipe.
So user can use which functions they want with 3 different themes.

How to getting started of this app?

Before you start develops you must install free web server like Xampp, Wamp Server or like that to access localhost web server in you notebook or pc computer. You can go to this link to download that :

1.XAMPP : here.

2.Wamp Server : here.

Now you must run one of your localhost web server to access your website. If you using xampp you can try to look this link to look at documentation to using xampp :

Wamp Server.

After finish installation and run web server , Now you must installation a free notepad editor like Geany(Linux) or Notepad ++ you can try to look at this link :

1.Notepad ++.


After finished downloaded a current editor, now you can start develop this app but you must downloaded current framework is JQuery Mobile and you can look at this link :

JQuery Mobile.

After that you must to look at documentation of that framework at this link :

Latest JQuery Mobile.

In that link you can see demos of using JQuery Mobile framework and you can created a simple Native Web like this Kitchen Recipe App.