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very nice work, i whish you lots of sales for christmas ! :)


Nice work, GLWS! :)

thanks @Lakose

Nice work, buy it after x-mas


Can you post a demo of this plugin working on the list theme ?

Don’t worry it’s working with list theme

Hi there, does this also work with the Yosemite theme?

Yes working

I would like to see a demo with Yosemite theme ~ Regards

I have already bought Yosemite theme ~ I would like to see Slider Plugin with Yosemite theme as a demo before I buy…

What is up! you can not set a Slider demo with Yosemite theme !?

Slider plugin is working with Yosemite theme don’t worry

I want to choose manual image appear in popular and recent, how can i do that. Thanks

Is there a plugin for bulk images uploads? Or is it possible to set the script for bulk uploads just for the admin.

Not yet

Hello, How can I translate “Recent” and “Popular” labels?

I change them from king slider widget.php but it is not changing

king-slider-widget.php on line 16 -17

How popular media works

mix of all

but by view or voted or somethingelse, how to define which media to to popular

why popular and recent always first ads, by view or voted or somethingelse, how to define which media to to popular

popular tab is displaying hot posts , it’s mix of all

why you called popular, popular should be based on view or something else, have a look your demo, it does not look good

slider plugin not sliding mean media not sliding/moving. its moving by clicking right left arrow , i need it to move media in a row auto with speed set.

welcome, if it can put a slide on the home page of photos in each category with links to them? I greet

You can put

Is it possible to add media without moderation?

Yes possible

My users want to see your media on the website

Hi, its possible to assign slides just to specific type of users? I want it to featured one user photos per week. Hope can do this. Thanks!

Can you please help me with this? Btw, I already add the plugin but it seems that is not working on my site :/

Send your page url and admin login details, i will check

Message sent. Thanks!

really nice! does this plugin still have List available

For list theme?

I was wondering if this plugin can be customized to show featured posts only?

Yes but need to modify many files

Unless you grab info from the King Featured plugin? Would you consider being paid for this tweak?

sorry we are too busy but I think you can find some developer in suppor forum, you can ask there

Hi redking,

This is just my opinion, i already purchased your script and royal theme, and i really want to purchase this slider but based on the demo and information, IT IS USELESS because there are popular and recent tab on Royal theme or other theme. So why do i need to buy this plugin so show more on homepage.

I would like to buy or i think many others of your customer will buy if you change it that we could use featured post (plugin), more html ads such as add image in each slide and link for advertisement or maybe more field html ads for each slide, and remove popular or recent on the slider.

Thanks and this is just my suggestion, and hopeful you will change it and i will buy right away

thanks for advice