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how to add adsense in middle of post content? after field title? and middle of content? regards

You can add in king-theme/themename/king-theme.php

where can insert after title in the code? looks to complex for me, little help? let me know what i should look for in the code? regards

ask in support forum we will help you there

I already purchased but it didn’t work with my RedBuzz Theme ! Any Idea ?

there are two folders in zip file, you use ad plugin for list theme

Google does not allow advertising on youtube link, whether it’s working?

Does it work on Wordpress?

I install this plugin in wordpress?

How should I install it? How do I use it?

How do I do the installation? Do you have a video?

How do I do the installation? Do you have a video?

There are documents in zip file if you can’t install we can help

Please tell me the step what should I do to install? I use the hostgator.

first you need to buy king media

no working ?


Working use the list theme version for redbuzz

any support for royal theme? can I add ads banner image at the top of every page?

Yes you can add in admin panel

hello approve my account i purchased it thanks username “norefer” thanks

If you bought king media bundle please write a comment in bundle product page ,

Or if you bought king media pls write a comment here for confirmation

for HTML ad, what is the best size to upload to make equal to other images. Thanks

or add this css code in admin> layout> custom css;

.box img { width: 100%; height:auto; }

still smaller than other image if we use 17inch monitor, if 22 inch monitor then look ok still not equal , i use my own image HTML image, i need HTML image and other images equalvalent then look good. Thanks

Please ask in support forum with your page url

The ad plugin doesn’t work on other themes on homepage only works on default and list theme why?

You can find the solution in support forum

woulbe interesting allow add many differents ads, for example: ad 1 next 4 post, ad 2 next 5 post, ad 3 next 9 post,

Thanks for suggestion

(in royal theme) I using all of your function but it not show anything. you can see in this link :

Send your page url and admin login details via message box in my profile we will check

What is the error?


m1098aj Purchased

error fixed, code canyon doesn’t allow to delete message.

No it’s ok don’t worry

I use List theme for website. And default theme for mobile.

Which ad plugin folder should I upload? :| Thanks

Replied your email