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What are the requirements of the script?

The script require the following configuration:
  • PHP version >= 5.4
  • cURL enabled
  • mbstring Extension enabled
  • MYSQL supported
  • PDO driver for mysql supported
  • Cron Job

Kingposter use Codeigniter framework so if you have nginx server make sure it is well configured

“SQLSTATE HY000 14 unable to open database file” on the installation proccess

Unable to open database file error is mostly related to /database/ folder write permission, Make sure that the /database/ folder is writable (Have the 777 permission )

“Could not find driver” on the installation proccess

Make sure that PDO and SQLITE driver is installed / enabled on your server

“Invalid purchase code” on the installation proccess

Make sure that the Curl is installed/enabled on your server and also Outgoing Connections is on

Schedule post does not work, what can i do?

Make sure that the cron job was setup on your host panel How to set up cron job

Invalid backend configuration. Readable volumes not available on the media library

Make sure that the /uploads/ folder is writeable (Have the 777 permission )

What facebook app can i use to post on Closed and secret groups?

To Be able to post on Closed and secret groups you need to use HTC sense, Iphoto, mobileBlog or Samsung Mobile bada List of available apps available apps

How to translate the script?

To translate the script use the translation tool after generating your language file put it inside the language folder /core/language/languages/

How to change the footer text?

To change the footer text you need to edit the footer file that located on the theme folder /theme/default/footer.php

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