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lotfree Purchased

hello I added a proxy on config.php but I see it activated only on admin !


lotfree Purchased

and how to check the proxies if working or not

hey please check this page on how to manage proxies
You can set a cron job to check your proxies every 24hours none working proxies will be removed

zadin3d Purchased

Scheduled Posts error..i set post everyday but post write Auto repeat : Every 1 Hours.

i fixed that on the new update, your schedule will be repeated every day even if it appear every 1 hours

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Hello, Where can I translate string “The Captcha was not correct. Please try again”? Thanks!

That string was missing on the translation file, it has been added on the new update.
You can add this line to the english file /application/language/english/general_lang.php
$lang['the_captcha_was_not_correct_please_try_again'] = "The Captcha was not correct. Please try again";

Then you can translate it via the translation module

Hello Friend. I have a problem, every time I publish with the script, it asks me to change the password of my facebook profile. What can I do to prevent this from happening to me?


scarab13 Purchased

Something just happened today, all my profiles have lost avatar images in kingposter. It doesn’t help updating, reloading, anything. Now I don’t know the difference between my accounts. please advise. thanks

That is a bug on Facebook side, it should be fixed soon

anyone can guide me for Installation ?

What difficulties you have exactly so i can help you?
Did you followed video tutorials on the documentation?


BERT2010 Purchased

The profile image is no longer visible?

That is a bug on Facebook side, it should be fixed soon

BERT2010 Purchased

Ok Thanks


djsdrive Purchased

Update failed: Invalid response, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the support

Send me an admin account login details


lotfree Purchased

im asking you about proxy why you dont reply

check your previous comment


vuekai Purchased

Could you please add location tag, tag friends? when posting


vuekai Purchased

Could please update all icon by using new icon from this site:


jacr_92 Purchased

Hello! How can I set random delay between posts?? I was blocked in groups by facebook several times :P Thank you a lot!


ivan37 Purchased

Please, you could add the option so that each user can add their proxie to each Facebook account.



pre-sale question. Does this script still works after Facebook update their API recently?

how to import groups by CSV i would like to know the format of the csv file bec when i am uploading its just showing 1 group by merging all the group id into 1


SirSolari Purchased

With the last update, the system does not notify when the account expires to a user

There would be the possibility of integrating a payment gateway of “mercadopago”. It is the most used in all Latin America, many Latin American users do not have paypal.

Mercadopago supports different countries: Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Mexico Peru Uruguay Venezuela

Did you see integration with Instagram? If you still can not do it, do you have any scrpit you post on it?

It seems that now you can not load the groups with Android or Iphone

Hello Dear i have problem with login via facebook account please check it