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Hi. Script no longer loading any groups, i need help

Groups adding working on version 2.0.5?

It’s working fine, i updated script to newest version ;)


khen888 Purchased

I cannot CREATE NEW CATEGORY in FIREFOX. After entering the name of the category and click the Create button, the system says,

“Unable to complete your request. Please try again.”

And the browser will refresh.

It’s working in CHROME. Please fix it for FIREFOX.

Or is there a problem in my side?

check your email.

Hello, I can’t install the script, I entered the correct database, purchase code and admin details but after I click install, it just keeps returning to step 1 again (index.php/install/step1) but there is no error alerts. What am I doing wrong?

FTP details sent, thanks.


sysads Purchased

Hi I need help refreshing my facebook group. I followed the youtube video but when I try to upload the html file, I get the following message

No groups found on the submitted file

What is the issue and is there no way we can just click a update button for it to automatically do that?

Make sure that your are using the latest update 2.0.6.


sysads Purchased

Yes I decided to trash my old site because I could not even export my users despite following the video which is very misleading. You say download import zip file into root. I did that and extracted it but yet could not use it because its looking for one init.php file which does not exist.

Now I install new version 2.0.6 and time to add my facebook but when you click on Authroize and copy xxxxx , instead of popping up facebook, it is popping up instagram and I am wondering what has instagram got to do with this.

This is very frustrating, JUST LETTING YOU NOW.

its looking for one init.php file which does not exist. this means you uploaded the export.php in the wrong place.
However if you didn’t delete the old version folder just send me an FTP account i’ll back up you old users list it should be a very easy step.
Watch this video on how to add you facebook account


yocarim Purchased

I recently upgraded to version 2.0.6 from version 2.0.2, and I previously had this error:

PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Core Warning

Message: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ’/opt/alt/php56/usr/lib64/php/modules/’ – /opt/alt/php56/usr/lib64/php/modules/ Undefined symbol: MagickCompositeImageGravity

Filename: Unknown

Line Number: 0


I thought that updating to the last version would disappear, but it was not so, and when I want to publish I have the following error:

Parsererror: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data at line 5 column 1 of the JSON data

I just want to know if it is a problem with my server or it is a script error. Thank you.

Unable to load dynamic library : is an error related to the server you need to contact your host and maybe you can disable modules on your cpanel.
the Parsererror is mostly caused by the previous error
Disable the debug mode on the config.php file to hide that error
After replacing the script files make sure to access the update page http://domain/update
Your support period has expired you need to renew your support exntesion.

yocarim Purchased

Thanks for replying, but I have solved it in a much easier way, update the version of php 5.6 to 7.1 and the errors disappeared and I can publish well.

that’s great


New purchase here.. I think the thumbnail for link posting isn’t working.

When I try to post the image, title, description caption didn’t appear on the view post.

Any updates?

Update: The post with link using shorteners doesn’t show the image, title, description, caption on the view post link.

I believe this is a facebook update.. I hope Pandisoft will fix this asap.

I couldn’t use the link rotator on the “link” box.

Sub fields on the link post type are no longer supported by Facebook API

Hi all, please help me Can hawkhost (Shared Hosting) run this script (king poster) ?

Have any of you ever tried ?


Martyrium Purchased

After the update. With me the pictures, title, description, etc. are not posted

Sub fields on the link post type are no longer supported by Facebook API

Grail Purchased

The author is unresponsive and does not reply to a refund request. Your program have a lot bugs and is not stable so we can always purchase his 6 months extra support.


raffio98 Purchased

When I navigate through the pages of the script sometimes the script get stuck and load forever. Please help me!

Already replied your email. the issue is that your nginx server return an SPDY error sometimes when using google chrome and that issue is moslty related to http2 and SSL on your server. try to disbale http2 and see if you still have the same issue.
This article talking about the issue as yours


drorior3 Purchased

Hey Kingposter, the site cant loading any groups… what can I do? how can i update my account? this is my Email.. : Thank you very much, you are champions!

(Version 1.8.4…)

Only a white screen is displayed when loging or logouting.

i don’t understand what you mean exactly,
a screenshot is always helpfull
PM me with a screenshot of the issue and Script URL

Please tutorial to create new page

How to create a new signup page

I want a custom Role Account expire

Custom roles and account expiry is already available in new version of the script.
Your support period has expired you need to renew your support extension.

I can’t use custom image, custom title, custom description, for link post, please check.

I have few questions: 1. Where are the images and videos that we post stored? 2. Can we post 3rd party image directly? 3. Do we need FB application for this?

1 – Videos and images you uploaded via kingposter will be stored on your server.
2 – Yes can post 3rd party image/video directly
3 – To post on Facebook behalf your Facebook account always need a FB Application but you don’t need to create an app you can just use included third party apps

Hello. How are you? Please answer the following- 1 can all the functions run on automatically without the need of letting the computer on or are there functions that need my computer to be on when using your software? 2 does it have the function to look for groups of buying and selling of all cities in my country and join automatically to these groups? If yes, can this work with the computer off? 3 can it post on instagram too? 4 if it has a function to automatically join groups, can I define what kind of groups I want to join previously?

Sorry for not knowing a lot about softwares and technologies, but I need to ask you. Please explain me. I have a website that uses the wordpress plattaform to run, I have access to the cpanel and to the admin, I do not have access to the server since I think it is in the web developer’s server. So, my questions are: 1- Is it possible for me to use your php script without the need of having access to the server? If yes, please explain me in an abreviated manner how to install. 2- Would it have any influence in the seed of loading my website to my customers? 3- What is the minimum free space available in disk for your script to run?

Is it possible only on groups that I am only a member or admin? Can I use a personal profile or a fanpage profile?

If I have problems or do not understand how to install it correctly do you help me in doing it and garantee it will work perfectly?

Tenho a versão 2.0.5 e ela não puxa nenhum grupo de novas contas adicionadas o que eu devo fazer.

I have version 2.0.5 and it does not pull any group of new accounts added what should I do.